Regions of the East Kurdistan was burned.

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association, fire getting in Pich Ayeneh in Ilam and forest and Kabir Kuh meadows and a few days ago, 30 hectares of wheat fields in the village of “Barehbijeh ” functions Dehloran city burned.

Reportedly due to the large size of the fire in the last few days, authorities, environmental protection and military firefighters Islamic Republic of Iran with minor show this environmental disaster off the forests and rangeland refused, but the environmental activists and local people could help control the fire and take off.

It should be noted that, look at the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the role of the Army in continuing this fire, the damage to the environment of East Kurdistan, and has continued to fire even on rainy days, natural and accident and incident to undermine. And the fact that in this area of diverse vegetation and trees is no possibility of prevention and fight against fire not considered, the locals areas and environmental activists have the fire control have in most cases, these environmental activists have been arrested and imprisoned by security forces have not been spared.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association