Campaign (Not to ruin Sur) started up

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Turkish government in northern Kurdistan continued to demolish the historic city of Sur Amid, announcing a “No to Destroy Sour” campaign since the start of the campaign to stop the process.

The Turkish government, under the name of the modernization project, is destroying the old neighborhoods of the city. In the past two years, these neighborhoods have been the site of intense fighting between Kurdish youths and Turkish troops, and the city’s residents are believed to be ruining the Ankara authorities’ rejection and retaliation.

Today, the “Not to Destroy Sur” platform, with the news gathering in the city, came from the beginning of the signing campaign to stop the destruction of the city. This campaign has begun with the motto “Sur our common world.”

It should be noted that Talat Chatin Kaya, spokesman for the platform in the engineers’ room city of Amid, told reporters that he had talked about the devastation of the historic city of Sur by the heavy machinery of the Turkish government with the ambassadors of the sixteen countries of the world have talked.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association