Bukan gold merchants closed down their shops.

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , has reached a Tax authorities in Bukan and more in East Kurdistan by visiting shopkeepers gold sales of which asked that VAT 9% with the income tax for the 2017, to fund tax to pay .

Bukan  jeweler shops owner that the Stagnation in the market caused by the decline in the purchasing power of the people and And uncertainty about the monetary value of today Sunday, 18 June 2017 , refused to open the shop.

One of the gold sellers shopkeeper that the situation on the protesters, said people can buy bread do not have the gold can not buy, when to buy bread do not have what we have gold to sell us the old to the profession we have no choice, work there is something else we do not know if they know how to do, government officials say the unemployment rate of above 60 percent.

Mojtaba Firuzi secretary of the union of gold sellers recently said that a total of 380 gold member in the geopolitics Iran in the past year license 34 units of gold only in province Kermanshah because of the recession and bankruptcies and high rent was canceled and the unit has been closed down.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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