East Kurdistan roads shambles citizens

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, has reached the 2016 only road Kurdistan province, 314 people were killed and about twice the dead were wounded in Kermanshah , Ilam and Orumieh statistics from the authorities not provided, but according to the news the number of killed and wounded the provincial media in the provinces is somewhat close to the accident statistics in Kurdistan.

Shambles is perhaps best interpreted as an attribute that can be chosen for Kurdistan province roads each year because hundreds of innocent civilians because of an accident on the road to lose their lives.

Aside from the poor quality of some of the cars produced in that one of the factors is the rising the death toll of road accidents, quality transport infrastructure and reasons of the main factors affecting the safety of passengers earth.

In addition to the problems of road in the province of Kurdistan, deadly traffic fuel tankers leads to death and burning civilians.

While government officials say that about 15 percent of the import and export of country roads in the provinces of East Kurdistan traffic and in addition to the above, pass the bill free trade zones Baneh and Marivan also have government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasized the infrastructure of transport – by road, air and rail – does not meet the transit of goods and passengers in these areas.

Despite the fact that so far many government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran to solve the problem of roads in the provinces of Kurdistan , Ilam, Kermanshah and Orumieh as one of the issues his election raised, but so far its promises not only to go to the polls to bring citizens solve road to the problem themselves.

A brief look at the freeways geopolitical of Iran can be well observed that in province Kurdistan , Kermanshah , Ilam and Orumieh no large there is no way, while the political geography of Iran in recent years over 2 thousand km of highway built is also altogether 35 thousand kilometers of highways in the geopolitical less than 2 thousand km of in East Kurdistan there are more road standards lower and has more on roads, old roads built or refurbished have been devised. in province Orumieh highway and connecting railway line dating back four decades with the Province Orumieh has a maximum length of roads when it comes to the standard of the rural 12700 km and in other statistics that nearly one third of roads rural paved but non quality standard.

While in recent years the Islamic Republic of Iran to remove and and the transfer of water in East Kurdistan central regions Iran geopolitics has many projects to pay exorbitant costs.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association