A new way of protest Municipal workers Nurabad Lorestan in front of municipality

Entertain from their a table full of leaves

In the wake of reports that the Kurdistan Human Rghts Association, was on Saturday 17 June 2017, Nurabad city of Lorestan province, municipal workers Lorestan Nurabad action was a symbolic protest against the municipality.

Notably, most of the workers of this municipality for seven months with no salary not have this situation under pain of poverty and poverty of most people in Iran and especially in the East Kurdistan shade, government policy and hope ( Rouhani ) take any action to solve this serious problem and the devastating not to run, It is note worthy.

The cortex (municipal workers) of the community who do not bother unsparing effort in cleaning the environment, citizens and those who are responsible and accountable to the basic requirements of life for these workers should be, to any function based on the basic rights of workers there is not.

In the meantime, the workers had to flatten a symbolic way to show the lack of which is in the setup municipal workers, were to do themselves justice to hear the voice of protest actions Nurabad their municipal officials.

It is worth mentioning in East Kurdistan and especially Lorestan province that has huge sections of the arable land agricultural and animal husbandry, and is also the largest oil fields in the region, but nevertheless city residents Lorestan province, the worst kind of life in terms of the economy ( poverty and unemployment) are.

It is noteworthy that the residents these regions with different ways protest want to convey shout their discontent to hear the officials. But no government official wants to hear the sound of the protesters are not and this is while forces affiliated the regime any protests suppress.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association