Islamic Republic execution machine in east kurdistan

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association and to the Iran Human Rights, on Tuesday 22 May 2017, ” Mehran Ashrafi ” in prison Dizelabad Kermanshah in East Kurdistan, was executed.

It should be noted that the prisoners had been sentenced to death for murder and his sentence in the prison has been implemented.

The following summary executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran, more than 123 prisoners in the prison Dizelabad Kermanshah , 56 prisoners in the prison of Urmia and 110 prisoners in Sanandaj Central Prison of East Kurdistan charges in the death row live every moment to execute their sentence has it.

Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of execution and given the demographic statistics around the world, ranked first in the execution accounted for, while, according to warnings from international organizations and human rights organizations, as well as the continuation of the persistent and to any international agreements on respect for human and civil rights and has not been committed.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association