Thousands of hectares of Kousalan forests burned in the fire.

According to the report of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, from the night of 16 July 2017 to today, Wednesday 19 July 2017, after a 4-day fire in the forests of Kousalan in the city of Marivan, from East Kurdistan, more than 1,000 hectares of rangelands and forests of these areas have been burned. . Although some government sources have reported that the fire has been controled, local sources and the Green Tea Association have reported continuing fire.

The fire started four days ago in the mountains of Kousalan following an artillery strike launched by the IRGC ground force, which used fire bullets.

According to the Euphrates, there are two cases: suspicious forest fires and the prevalence of rare diseases of oak trees in the forests of Ilam province and part of their kermans, which is seen by the forces of the Revolutionary Guards, and most of these oak trees suffer from an anonymous illness and This phenomenon is more like a biological warfare than a natural phenomenon and there is no solution in the recovery of these trees.

It should be noted that this phenomenon and natural catastrophe have persisted for many years in eastern Kurdistan, and most of these fires are deliberately with the pretext of opposing forces of the Kurdish parties,the shelling of forests and pastures.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association