Friday 22 July 1988, chemical bombardment “Rijab” and “Zardah”

Kurdistan Human Rights Association : At the last days of the end of the Iran-Iraq war, after the bombing of Halabja in the south and Sardasht in eastern Kurdistan by the Ba’ath regime of Iraq and the tensions of the Islamic Republic of Iran this morning on Friday 22 July 1988, several The warplane of the mountain range and the plain of the village “Zardah” in eastern Kurdistan bombared.

In the chemical bombardment, the water sources of the village were polluted, and the wind speed of that day caused no one to be sacrificed at that moment, and people would be disastrous without knowing the region’s chemicality and contamination after drinking the disastrous water. Each individual and animal either died or lost their sight.

The bombardment was not limited to the village of Zardah, but the “Babajani” village was subjected to bombardment of the Dalahu functions and the villages of Nasardira and Shamar from the Gilan-e-Gharb in eastern Kurdistan, but the casualties, such as the village of Zardah was not.

It should be noted that these days coincided with the attack by a group of opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Kermanshah region and Ilam, known as the ” Mersad Operation”and this led to the fact that it was not clear clearly which of the Iraqi and Iranian governments were responsible for this crime and whether the Islamic Republic of Iran has done so against the bombing Mersad attacks , or the Ba’athist regime and the Iraqi army have done so to protect the opposition from the government of Iran and to facilitate the influence of the group.

It is widely thought that because the real causes of this crime are not be revealed and The devastation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has not been highlighted. It has never been allowed that impartial and human rights international organizations conduct their careful investigation and at the disposal of the international community.

and this massacre and genocide of the village “Zardah” were abandoned like chemical bombardment of Sardasht Citizens of these areas have suffered from the remains of it and and while has not been compensation for these people.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association