Van cab drivers protest in Mahabad in East Kurdistan

In a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , taxi drivers van in Mahabad (Route Mullah Jami terminal) in the yard council, the city held a protest gathering to demand accountability of officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran to unemployment and problems livelihoods himself claiming that after that passage 6 officials in the city of Mahabad because of the lack of accountability switching station by the taxi, to protest the city Council have stopped their car in the yard.

This problem occurred while trying to Mullah Jami path bridge construction and demolition ( Gas Square ) drivers was the route the traveler, and confusion have faced unemployment. The taxi Mahabad (Azarpour) in conversation with Hazheh stated that the reorganization plan and solve the problem of the taxi vans that their number eleven is, a meeting was held after the duration of this project and due to the lack of accountability appropriate in this direction, in order to solve the problem it was decided that the taxi route Mullah Jami (land municipalities) are added, but drivers track their opposition to it has announced and hamper the implementation of the project and also the problem unsolved and inevitably the case has been referred to the governors and mayors of Mahabad.

Islamic Republic of Iran, in line with its policies against Iranian citizens and especially East Kurdistan, no measures for the welfare of the citizens of this part of geography has not made and every day saw unemployment, addiction and types of psychiatric disease transpires that any human rights are inconsistent and in this context and in the Charter of human rights of the United Nations “Article 13” states that every citizen has the right to life, security, financial, reputational, legal, judicial, social, and so it is important, and no one should be in the name of security security, rights and legitimate freedoms of citizens and their dignity Word attack and threaten.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association