Qasim Abesteh hunger strike, Kurdish prisoners in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Association reports, Syed Qasim Abesteh , Kurdish prisoners in hall 21, ward 7 Karaj Rajai Shahr prison seven days ago to protest the lack of medical attention and physical problems his hunger strike to take over.

The report said that some time ago a gland Qasim Abesteh with his tonsils appeared to him as breathing difficult. According to Karaj Rajai Shahr prison clinic doctors diagnose the condition is dangerous and should be sent for treatment to hospitals outside the prison of the gland biopsy and then be treated.

If prison clinic officials as saying that prosecutors have issued orders to send to the hospital to be otherwise not possible for him and Judicial responsible for ordering judicial refuse to send him to a hospital.

Qasim Abesteh in February 2010 , and arrested after eight months of his interrogation in detention centers run Islamic Republic of Iran in Orumiyeh in East Kurdistan transferred to Evin prison, where six months held in solitary confinement and the prison in 13 April 2012 , to Rajai Shahr prison Karaj was moved And in June of 3016, on charges of war by supporting the Salafi groups that the prisoner was convicted of the charges as baseless knows.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association