Medication Strike “Zeynab Jalalian” Kurdish prisoners in East Kurdistan

According to a report by  Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Zeynab Jalalian lawyer Amir Salar Davoudi in a letter to the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the client’s clinical strike and wrote that While expressing serious concerns about the health of my client, once again the responsibility of the prison authorities Khoy and security and judicial authorities of the city of West Azerbaijan province, as well as authorities in ensuring the physical and psychological integrity of my client I emphasize and declare that the strike Therapy them to fix the problems will continue.

Mr. Davoudi wrote a letter to Attorney General Ayatollah Montazeri wrote:

Our chief prosecutor Hazrat Ayatollah Montazeri greetings and respect Yet, the Lady Zaynab Jalalian my client to inform Your Excellency that I am from 16 March 2017 So far, due to the wrong actions of prison authorities Khoy (the residence of my client) examinations in preparation book intervals (weekly and monthly) to an aspect that is devoid of any truth in this matter and Providing false reports to international institutions and human rights, including the report represents the proceedings and examination of Regular and periodic medical examinations in connection with the strike lady therapy duration is unlimited ! Your Excellency … would like to express serious concerns about the health my client, once again the responsibility of the prison authorities temper and security officials and judicial city of Khoy, West Azerbaijan Province and at the level of the highest authorities in ensuring the physical and mental health my client emphasize And I confirm that my client therapy strike until the authorities offender who engage in wrong practices and false reporting, including the preparation of the book The reputation and tariffs are not identified and brought to justice will continue. Excellency…. The my client are aware of numerous diseases including eye and gastrointestinal disease and suffering And in this respect during at least two or three years, even if deprived of medical services has been minimal. At the end expressed hope that the great Hazrat as a senior judicial official entrance to the circumstances brilliant passing the point of no return and compensation issue was an obstacle.
Kind regards , Amir Salar Davoudi , Lawyer Zaynab Jalalian

It should be mentioned that Amnesty International, in a statement on 19 October 2016 has emphasized that the Zeynab Jalalian Kurdish prisoner that following the trial unjust sentenced to life imprisonment and jailed Khoy is stored, on the verge of losing sight of the and judicial authorities as well as access to specialized medical services including urgent surgery, prevented them.

Zaynab Jalalian kurdish political prisoner in East Kurdistan, born in 1983 , which in 2008 arrested in 2010 , on charges of illegal exit from the country to one year in prison on charges of waging war through membership in the Party (PJAK) was sentenced to death . Her death sentence was confirmed by by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court But after a follow lawyers as well as international pressure, her death sentence was pardoned by one degree off and converted into life imprisonment. . She is currently in prison Khoy, a city in East Azerbaijan province in detention.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association