Continued detention of a female citizen from Mahabad

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the fate of a female citizen identified as Shelir Ahmadi, daughter of Mustafa, married and with two children, from Qezlghup, Mahabad Province, imprisoned in the center of the Iranian government in Urmia, is unknown and she is still in custody.

According to a reliable source: In April of this year, she was transferred from the security prison of the Iranian government in the city of Urmia to the women’s ward of the Central Prison of Iran in Urmia.

The source also said that the court had requested a large bail for the temporary release of Shelir Ahmadi, which the family had not been able to secure.

So far, no information is available on the reason for the arrest and the charges against hers.

It is worth mentioning that Shalir Ahmadi was arrested by the Iranian security forces on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, without announcing a court order, and was transferred to the Iranian security prison in Urmia for further interrogation.

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