Shaker Behrouzi was sentenced to death again

On Saturday, Dec 26, 2020, a political prisoner Mr. Shaker Behrouzi in the Urmia city has received a second sentenced to death from criminal court branch one. He has been accused of killing a member of IRG in the Urmia.

In the previous sentence, he was suspected of a Kurdish anti-regime party member. The revolutionary court sentenced him to death.
Mr. Shekhalo, a judge of branch two of revolutionary court in the Urmia convicted him.

Mr. Behrouzi. Sh is from Dizeg Mangor in the Urmia at the age of 32 years old. He has been a member of one of the anti-Iran political parties; in Aug 2018, since then he went back home with immunity promises from the Iranian authority, although he was under interrogation for 14 days.

Although 12 witnesses were ready to testimony that he was in the downtown city working while the IRG member been killed but Revolutionary Court did not accept the witnesses.

In January 2019, he was arrested by Iran’s intelligence agency. After one year and nine days, he kept in solitary confinement cells transferred to the general prison in the Urmia.
Kurdistan human rights Association