Arrested citizens “Bukan” in East Kurdistan

According to a report received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Monday 12 June 2017, citizens from “Bukan” as ” Fatahipour” and “Mohammadi ” except active religious are, by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were arrested and have no information on the fate of and their whereabouts are unknown.

It must be said, the Iranian government that for years has sought to promote political Islam and Salafism is allowed to operate freely in the Kurdish areas of East Kurdistan for these people has provided in recent years and due to the sensitive situation in the region and international pressure against war ” Daesh “is at its peak, quite systematically and on the pretext of the presence of and Takfiri and Extremist in Kurdistan, with the arrest and imprisonment of citizens of Kurdish, trying to relieve his show and pretend that the Islamic Republic of Iran to fight terrorism and the citizens of Kurdistan accusing sees and while most of them against the Kurdish people daesh in Syria and Iraq war has suffered.

Instead of much reflection that but mass arrests of citizens East Kurdistan following the recent attacks in Tehran on Friday 5 May 2017, as Mullah (Mamousta) Mohsen and two of the students in his village ” Bardehzard ” were arrested as well as students of the school ( Hefz Sheikh Abdul Baset) was summoned to the Intelligence Ministry and the school shut down.

In this context, “Mohammad Khezrnzhad” responsible scientific school of religious Village “Nachit” city Bukan 15 month sentence in prison and four years in prison applicable condemned and on Sunday 7 May 2017, Mullah Mohammad Sharifi, head of scientific school of religion, along with two members of the clergy and other Back of the book fair in Tehran, was arrested and taken to an unknown location.

During the ongoing arrests in the cities of West Azerbaijan province (Oroumieh) by the security forces, “Reza Abdi” and “Mamousta Omar” Clergymen city of Mahabad, “Ahmed Hafidi ” cleric and imam of the town of Sardasht East Kurdistan have been arrested.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association