IRGC arrested two resident of marivan

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, two citizens with the names “Saivan Partoy” and “Salman Afra” were arrested in Marivan by the security forces of the IRGC.
Saivan Parto is the son of Sohrab and Salman Afra is the son of Rahmat from “Ney” village. IRGC security forces raided the two men’s private home and detained them without issuing a court order.
It should be noted, security forces also raided Mohammad Parvazeh’s private home and want to arrest him.
The forces threatened his wife with a weapon and ordered her that Mohammad Parvazeh should introduce himself to the IRGC.
Local sources predict that the number of detainees is likely to increase, with a resident of the area saying that the forces had threatened the people and announced that they would detain all those who had attended the Nowruz celebrations.
It should be noted that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ( IRGC ) known as a terrorist group.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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