Beating and threatening to kill kolbars by Iranian border forces on the Somar border

On Sunday, May, 24, 2022, Two Kolbars identify “Boroumand Yousefi” 42 years old and “Akbar Shafiei” 36 years old was beaten and threatened to kill by Iranian border Forces, On the Somar border in the western part of Ilam.

According to the report, two officers of the Iranian Border Armed Forces, named Capt. Bagheli and another officer named Shahin Taheri, beat the two Kolbars, whose carrying the frozen chicken and rice, and confiscated them and threatened to kill them.

Accordingly, according to kolbars, Shahin Taheri claimed that he had previously killed five kolbars by direct fire in the border areas of Baneh, and that he was not afraid of killing two kolbars.

It is noteworthy that the beated kolbars were transferred to the Iranian government court in Gilan Gharb after the confiscation of their bags by the two mentioned officials, who were released on bail after conducting an initial investigation.