One prisoner sentenced to death was released after paying a ransom

Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Abdullah Bahramian, a prisoner sentenced to death, was released from the Iranian government’s prison in Bokan on after paying a ransom and obtaining the consent of the victim’s family.
It should be noted that he was arrested in 2015 on charges of “murder” and was sentenced to retaliation by the Iranian judiciary.
According to reports received to KMMK, the victim’s family had previously announced that they would agree to pardon the citizen in exchange for receiving ‌ 800 million toman in ransom.
He has never pleaded guilty to murder in the past 6 years, saying that his friend had committed the crime and that he did not even know the victim, but that his friend had falsely accused him of the crime.
His friend died of a stroke after interrogations, and Abdullah Bahramian was sentenced later to retaliation for murder in court.

Kurdistan Human rights Association

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