Fire in 18 area of functions the city Dersim in northern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, 18 different districts and forests in the city of Dersim and its suburbs in northern Kurdistan have been burned.

The report further states that the ongoing flares in the city of Dersim and its surrounding areas are due to the shelling of the Turkish army to these areas.

Residents and citizens of the city around Dersim, despite the creation of barriers and hardships by the Turkish government, are trying to prevent .

Areas that have been burned areas are:


Yayalagouno villages, Seh Pekan forests and the village of Kuzlujay from the provinces of Ophajic, Sariatsh, Ga Yeksu, Kotudareh, Rojdareh si and Bali Dareh si of functions city of Dersim, area Amotakan, Chakmaqli village and Khorat valley, the villages of Qarajid, Qermezkopru, Valley of Boiyou, Ozontarly of the functions of Bolomour, as well as the villages of Doghantash and Ramadani of the functions of the city of Nazemiyeh.


It is worth noting that the extent of the fire in the areas Gah Yeksu, Rozh Dareh si and Doghanthas is very wide.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association