Despite the high potential of the city of Bukan in the production of paper, the sources of this logic are being crude sold.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Abdulhamid Sartipai, Deputy Director of Programming and Development Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Governorate in Bukan, admitted to a meeting on the removal of barriers to the production of mines in the city of Bukan in eastern Kurdistan, The raw materials of this logic, such as raw limestone, are sold ,In the event that sufficient capitalization is carried out in this city, it is possible to develop this region of Kurdistan, as well as to reduce unemployment and create employment opportunities. According to the mentioned names, Iran receives two billion dollars of paper annually.

Urmia Province in eastern Kurdistan has a wealth of mineral and raw materials available at the global level. According to available information, there are four limiting iron formations in the city of Bukan.

The amount of extraction in the mines of the city of Boukan is 630 thousand tons annually. It should be noted that this is less than the extraction capacity in the city. However, there were no opportunities for the development of the city in the city itself, and they were mostly expelled from eastern Kurdistan.

With 22% of unemployment in this city, the mines themselves also prevent the presence of indigenous forces, and the use of the locals is more often used than non-indigenous forces in mines.

It should be noted that the non-standardization of these mines has also caused damage to the roads and agricultural land, and the security of the people threatens the inhabitants of these villages.

Unemployment and lack of job opportunities have created major economic problems in eastern Cordoba. The kind of suicide that goes into unemployment and lack of job opportunities returns.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association