Official recognition of Rojava in order to stop Turkish invasion


The Turkish military has launched airstrikes again on villages near Kobani in Rojava, western Kurdistan, and killed three women.

Malum Abdi, a prominent figure and a political official in Rojava, announced in a statement that the Turkish government had continued its airstrikes and hostility towards Rojava after the invasion and occupation of Afrin, Sari Kani and Gary Sepi.

Malum Abdi added that after the October 17th and 22nd agreements that have been implemented by the USA and Russian governments, the Turkish government has repeatedly attacked different areas in Rojava and violated international law several times and has killed Kurdish civilians.

Turkey’s attacks continue despite the peace agreement in the region guaranteed by the United States of America and Russia to prevent the Turkish invasive, destructive and anti-humanitarian aggression and attacks.

KMMK calls on the United Nations, the United States of America and Russia to intervene and to compel Turkish army to withdraw from the occupied territories and to stop hostilities in order to prevent the massacre of the Kurdish civilians by Turkish army in accordance with the international laws .

Official recognition of the government of Rojava (in eastern and northeastern Syria) is the only way to stop the war and maintain peace in the region.
Kurdistan human rights Association

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