Turkish army targets civilians and commits crime against humanity


Turkish army launched airstrikes on KRG, the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq, and killed five civilians in Shiladze.

According to the received reports two civilians from Sidan village have been killed by the Turkish airstrikes. Both were between 30 – 40 years old. The body of one is badly burned and still unidentified.

Sarbast Sabri, the governor of Kani Masi region, has announced that in Gilka village in the border of Kani Masi region a body of a young man named Amin Selah, 27 years old, was found. He was missing for two days and it turned out that he was killed in the Turkish airstrikes.

Soon after bodies of two other civilians were also found that were killed by the airstrikes.

Turkish army intentionally targets civilians and launches airstrikes on inhabited homes and villages. This aggression is a crime against humanity and clear violation of international law.

KMMK urges the KRG and the federal government of Iraq to ask the International Community and especially UN to intervene and stop Turkey. Furthermore, KMMK calls the KRG and the federal government of Iraq to file a case in the international court of justice against Turkey for the crime against humanity and mass murder .

Kurdistan human rights Association