«International Mother Language Day»,Continuation of the Prohibition to Use it in East Kurdistan

Kurdistan Human Rights Association although appreciate International Mother tongue Day, calls for the creation of equal conditions for the use of all languages of nations in today’s geography of Iran.In this context education Kurdish native language in Eastern Kurdistan and still language of other nations under the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the natural and innate right of nations. All restrictions and exclusions for the use of native languages of nations is a clear and obvious violation of human rights.

Iran’s governments have always tried to prevent the growth of other languages ​​and cultures by removing and imposing restrictions and prohibitions, Kurdish, Azeri, Baluchi, Arab, and other nations, in terms of culture, language, in the official language and culture of the state. , Both during the Pahlavi regime and in the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Farsi language has always been used as the only language of instruction, administration and … and other languages ​​are forbidden.

The teaching of native language and its use in ordinary life, everyday, administrative, legal, etc., provides for the equality of citizens in different languages ​​and creates a culture that is superior to all other existing linguistic and cultural variations. They are not the same. Apart from this, in administrative, legal and other cases, citizens can better speak their own wishes and thoughts using their national and mother tongue and can defend themselves better in legal matters.

It should be noted that the separation of instruction in native language from the provision of children in equal and equal conditions will make it easier for children to educate and encourage children, and also provide a multilingual educational system that will benefit the entire community.

According to published statistics, one of the main reasons for the dropout of non-Persian children is learning in a language other than mother tounge language.

25 languages ​​in Iran’s current geography are likely to be destroyed, if Iran’s policy of discriminating against Iran persists, this will be much more severe.

According to UNESCO on the Kurdistan people in eastern Kurdistan to make further efforts to enforce this natural right. Political, civil and human rights activists also want to be active in native language education and to educate people to provide mother tounge language education.

Kurdistan Human Right Association