Statistical reports _ detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan January 2018

This report on the situation of human rights in January 2018, in the east of Kurdistan is that the working population, human rights, Kurdistan, according to multiple reports, the human rights organization round is collected.

It is noted that this report due to lack of permission of the Iranian government, to organizations and human rights groups report is not exhaustive, and only part of the violations systematic human rights in the East,Kurdistan to the picture drags.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the arrest of citizens of Kurdish security forces and the police with the violation of civil and political rights, violations of freedom of opinion and expression violations of the right to life and personal security, discrimination, lack of security. the desecration of the citizens as well as torture, political prisoners, and ignoring the rights, the fundamental political prisoners, month of study to finish.

In accordance with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of human rights, every individual has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As darband the first article 19 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights States: everyone has the right to liberty and security of person: no one shall be the occasion of his ideas about the nuisance and the fear of the contract.

The second paragraph of Article 19 said: everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom and impart information and ideas of all kinds, without regard to boundaries, whether verbal or as written or printed, or as art, or through any other media of his choice.

Also in Article 22 just arrived, is that anyone as a guardian of society, has the right to social security and has a way of efforts at the national level, solidarity and international, organize the resources any country, the rights Disclaimer of an economic, social, and cultural His to maintain the dignity and free development of personality principles. acquired; and according to Article 5 no one shall be torture or punishment or brutal ways and Inhuman or degrading contract.

In accordance with the conventions to recognize the known world in relation to human rights and Political Rights and social, community, human, every individual and community has the right to political rights, social, economic and cultural demand and the direction of change it is trying … no congregation or group superior over another and all have natural rights, and to recognize known benefit.


23 December 2017 a citizen now in prison, diesel Abad Kermanshah executed. Bakhtiar mohammadi, charged with the murder of his wife and child in the town of ravansar, retribution in prison, diesel Abad Kermanshah was hanged,Today.

Ramin Hossein panahi, political prisoners, now confined in central prison,J.I. Iran, in sanandaj, East Kurdistan was condemned to death.

The Hedayat Abdallah poor people of the city of oshnaviyeh to the charge of acting against security national, and membership in the party Demokrat kordestan, Iran, to twice the execution was condemned.

Sunday 8th January 2018., the sentence of two prisoners by the names of Mehran Behshad and Farhad Elbe the people of the city region that the charge of intentional murder sentenced to death. in the central prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Uromiya were executed.


Tuesday, 2 January 2018 Kurdish prisoners with the name “Jamal Ali pour”under the pretext of having three cigarettes from the prison authorities severely beaten and taken effect on the intensity of the blows inflicted, he suffered internal bleeding and now he is unfit, has been declared.

A Kurdish student Nabio Ellah Tardast in the stream of protests, the 29th day of December in the city of kermanshah and arrested after the passage of 9 days of fate he is not.

4 January 2018, the”Dara Mostofi” the journalist and student.the people of saqqez city in the East Kurdistan of the Information Bureau of the city summoned, and the case Open, Save was.

An active civil with,” Abbas Kocheri”from the city Khoy,East Kurdistan that
Iranian intelligancy agency and audit of the complete home”. the name of the slave into custody, and to place the unknown moved.

15 January 2018 ‘’Hossien Bagheri ‘’ Known the name ‘’ Zhakan Baran” from the Iranian intelligancy agency in the city of ilam from the South kurdistan, was detained.

Detention of tens of thousands of people ” in the east of Kurdistan, Saturday, 27 December 2017. Thousands of people in East Kurdistan and Iran, the streets have come to protest your expensive prices, Unemployment and poverty,declare.

Summon KHosrov Kurd Poor journalist and an active human rights to the Iranian intelligancy agency.

Thursday 11 January 2018, the engineer worked with the specifications ”Amin Ashrafi and Javad Ashrafi ” of the force’s Iranian intelligancy agency in hamadan kidnapped, and enemy unknown have been transferred.

Remembered was the death of Abrahim Lotfo Ellahi in the city of sanandaj.

January 17, 2018, a Kurdish singer called “Peyman Mirza Zade” shall village Gonkchin of the functions of the city Orumiye from the Iranian intelligancy agency was arrested, and warrants heavy prison facing a person.

The corpse of a young with the name “Saro GHahremani”day, January 12 ,2018 of the intelligence Bureau of sanandaj city to the family name, has been delivered.

Kurdish active civil called ”Edris SHarifi” the people of the city marivan, in Eastern Kurdistan,was arrested from Iranian intelligancy agency.
Saturday 13 January 2018 news John Escrow, a young Kurdish people in sanandaj city called ”Kiyanoosh Zandi “on behalf of the Iranian intelligancy agency this city to the family of K, zandi given .

Thursday 18 January 2018, an attorney,with name, “Tahir Tovhidi’” the people of the city Bukan from East Kurdistan from the court in sanandaj of his arrest, he was given.

Forces affiliated to the Iranian intelligence agency,Marivan city,They gone for a few time to meet ‘’Mola Dadar’’The Khatib and the imam of Friday settlements, the straw from the functions of the Marivan city And this Kurd ritual reference have threatened with arrest, and exile.

active civil ‘’Najibe Saleh Zade’’ saqqez city on behalf of the judicial system of the city to the telephone conversation has been summoned .

Gholamreza mohammadi, young Kermanshahi that on the 2nd of January to the Excuse participate in the protests, mood, eastern Kurdistan arrested person. today, the corpse name, to deliver his were family.

Amjad yousefi people of piranshahr forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was detained.

” Shahoo Omari ”son of Saleh, the people of the city of sanandaj, which are close to six months before him, as the Iranian intelligancy agency in sanandaj city from the East Kurdistan with charges basis was detained, and in this period, only two times with the call, Non of his family’s arrest, News has become.

During the past few days, Information Bureau cities of East Kurdistan, including turpentine. bukan, etc. sanandaj, kordestan, Iran Tehran, and the villages of the region attempted to summon the calls and texting to family, a political activist and civil.

Afshin and Ramin Hossein panahi in prison to a hunger strike, and more.

Two people called,”Ako Yari” the son of Fateh 28-year-old,married, and ‘’Jamil Yar Ahmadi ”the 27-year-old and Single, duration one month, who are in custody, and there are follow-up, Frequent family laws so far have not been able them meet, have their place, and the fate of hadith have stipulated this fact.

‘’Nishteman Asaadi’’Journalist News agency in the past few months, at least 2 times to the Iranian intelligancy agency in Mahabad, has been summoned. Thursday, March 26, 2018, name of the slave for the second time through, the phone had been summoned, interrogated catch

Mohammad Hossein panahi, father, afshin and Ramin Hossein panahi after his two sons in the prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran in reaction to the unfair courts of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past few days announced a hunger strike. He appealed to a decree for that Ramin was considered a hunger strike.

worker and ‘’kolber’’

A ’’Kolber’’ 19-year-old ” Ramin, Ismet, ” from Nazloo in Orumiye province With shoot straight bullets, was wounded by regiment recognize the ‘Sero’and moved to hospital in Orumiye city and In the physical condition is dire is located,Now.

2 ‘’Kolber’’with name’s ‘’M.GH’’ 21-year-old and ‘’A.GH’’ 20-year-old Of functions Area ‘’Somay Ormiya’’ village ‘’Koran’’ Were wounded severely by Military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
A Other ‘’Kolber’’ with name ‘’Hadi Amini’’ from Bane John lost his The effect of the shooting on the Bane the city’s Marivan,KHoy and Sardasht was seized at least 20 horse the helm and property worker’s.

In areas around Oshnaviyeh city,the East Kurdistan, on 6 January 2018, with aim of the massacre, a group of ‘’Kolber’’ opened fire on them and 2 ‘’Kolber’’ with name’s ‘’Latif SHaabani’’ and ‘’SHovan Mahmoud’’ Injured and were hospitalized, Finally.

The troops of the city Zanjan on Tuesday 8 January a Kurd worker whit name ‘’Mehdi Jaafari’’from ‘’Goreh Deh’’ village of the functions Banah in one of the routes of this city, shot put this Kurd worker their lives lost in the result .
A ‘’Kolber’’ with name ‘’Farhad Destori’’ from Marivan In effect, falling from a cliff in the highlands was wounded severely.

A bunch of ‘’Kolber’s’’ forced to cross the heights, and falling from the abyss for them to happen Due to the influx of military forces of Iran in Marivan border.

A ‘’Kolber’’ with name ‘’SHoresh Omari’’ with the fall from the height of their lives lost Because were laid the ambush force, the Iranian military on the border of East and South Kurdistan for them and simultaneously were laid 6 helm of the horse worker from the forces of Iran.

The corpse of a ‘’Kolber’’ with name ‘’Soleyman KHezri’’ in the highlands of Piranshahr found.

A kurd worker with name ‘’Faryad Saleh Poor’’ from Bane city on tuesday 24 January from the force, police shot and severely was wounded.

2 ‘’Kolber’’ with name’s ‘’Jadiih and Sabri Ali Nezhad’’ in the area’’ Targor’’ from ‘’Avak Markisho’’ village On Saturday 28 January due to Snowfall in these regions has disappeared His corpse was found in Targor.

Kurd worker On 10 August 2017 with name ‘’Mostefa Hasani’’ san of ‘’Sadoon’’ to any plan brutal that from the abdomen the wounded was about the objective forces regiment border Saqqez city was put up, and after a few days the transfer was given to the hospital they moved him to ‘’CHobidar’’ prison ‘’Qazvin’’ city after 17 days, and the Liberator was on the 16th of January to bail.

On july 2017 ‘’Arvin Saiidi’’son of ‘’Ahmad’’ are traveling to the Sardasht city, because along with not having proof of identification, detention and then was transferred to Sardasht prison. And the Liberator was to bail 180 million toman after 7 months.

Commit suicide and the killing:

On 8 January 2018 a young women 19-year-old with name ‘’SH,A’’ from ‘’Och tape’’Functions Bokan city in east kurdisan,attempted to self-immolate and was transferred to Tabriz Hospital, and lost her life due to the severity and depth of the burn.


On 12 January Friday in ‘’Ferdosi’’ Park Kermanshah city East Kurdistan they target a mother with three of their daughters as shooting targets, and they lose their lives.

On 16 January,22-year-old ‘’Ronak Rasouli’’ from ‘’Saro Kani’’ Piranshahr,she was murdered by her wife, suffering from bloodshed and brain death as a result of a fish pan.


On 14 January a young woman with Identity ‘’SH.Rahimi’’ from Sero Kani ‘’Goshkhani village’’,She leaves the house to do banking business and then disappears and the body of the victim will be found on the Sanandaj road to Divandareh after 2 weeks.

A teenager 17-year-old ‘’Diyako Behroje’’from Javanro did suicide he was at last one of the high schools in the city.

the environment

Over the past years, the nature of Iran, especially the nature of East Kurdistan, has been seriously threatened due to the lack of planning and the systematic policy of eliminating the nature of Kurdistan.

Discrimination and discontent

The earthquake in Kermanshah Province in eastern Kurdistan lasted for almost fifty days, with almost 2,000 villages and six cities damaged in this earthquake, but the people of these areas still do not see any change in their living conditions.

Protest gatherings in foreign countries against the violence of Iranian armed forces in dealing with peaceful protest rallies in Iran and the east of Kurdistan.

The Islamic Republic of Iran opposes violent violence against protesters in the city of Kermanshah, and so far, there have been a number of deaths and injuries.

Marivan is the first unemployed in the province of Sanandaj.

Protest Rally for Buyers of IRGC Housing Against Sanandaj County Governorate.

KMMK: Turkey’s military attack on the Canton Afrïn in the West of Kurdistan is a complete breach of internationally recognized internationally recognized, military action is the only anti-human and genocidal act of the Kurdish nation and other residents of the Canton of Aphrin.

Battling Canton Afrïn by Turkish fighters.

‘’Yahya Hamadi’’ the first child of Afrïn, who lost his life after the bombing of Turkey.

‘’Kian Kord’’ workshop protesters protest rally.

More than 180 faculty members and faculty members from universities in two provinces of Sanandaj and Kermanshah in eastern Kurdistan condemned the attack on the army and Turkish government forces to the Canton Afrïn.

On 18 January 2018 two-year-old ‘’Sarina’’ from ‘’Nave Fere’’ village of Sare-Pole-Zahab, suffered from colds and fever due to his lack of access to the canyon and his life in a tent, which lost his life despite his visit to the hospital.

The cold and the lack of amenities have so far endured several of their calamitous Kermanshah earthquakes.

Violent and inhuman treatment of the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the citizens of Kurdistan.

So far,people 11 have died due to cold weather and infectious diseases, the latest death of 17-year-old girl named Noushin Mohammadi from the Sare-Pole-Zahab region has died due to cold and infectious diseases and the lack of treatment.

Kermanshah province is among the six provinces with the worst situation in eastern Cordoba and Persia in terms of the index of business climate.

West Kurdistan

Condemn Turkey’s invasion of Afrïn and Rojava.

A statement by 89 lawyers in eastern Kurdistan and Iran condemning the attack on the Turkish government to Afrïn.

23 January 2018 On Monday Marivan and Hooraman religious scholars in a statement issued to the general public, while supporting the nation, condemned the attacks of the Turkish government on the city.

The Turkish Army bombed Khalilka village in Afrïn without a waqf.

The massacre of innocent civilians Afrïn in the hands of Turki five people was bombed beneath a construction rubble.

The community of students and graduates called Jadak, a city in Kermanshah from East Kurdistan, issued a statement in support of the resistance of the Egyptian people and convicted of attacks on Turkey.

Turkey’s attacks on these areas have increased and for 10 days, the Afrïn city and its subordinate authorities have been subjected to the most severe attacks and bombings by the Turkish government. The situation in this Kurdistan region is facing a humanitarian catastrophe and thousands of displaced families in the mountains and caves.

Statement by the Public Development Forum of Saqez City condemning the Turkish government’s attacks.

Turkey’s fighter jets put the city of Afriin on target missiles.

The economic effect Endare in Afrïn was about to target the influx of devastating Turkey.

North Kurdistan

The Kurd journalist, “Idris Yalmaz”, was arrested by Wan police for alleged rumors and publication of banned organizations, and has been transferred to the court.

The court issued a verdict for the release of the German Belial, who was arrested on charges of supporting West Kurdistan.


The teaching of non-Persian language was prohibited in its second primary school.

On 4 January 2018 A asylum seeker from Saqez City, Farzad Muhammad, famous to Farzad Ermaghan,from Sweden was refusing to seek refuge,at the Swedish Asylum Office, and is now under the supervision of doctors in the hospital.

Political refugee Kurd “Faragh Shariati” from Sanandaj city,east Kurdistan is arrested by the Turkish government and is on the verge of deporting to Iran.

Deniznaky, a member of the North Kurdistan team of football team in Germany, was shot dead by a few unknown terrorist assassins.

Armenia officially declared the Yazidi massacre as a cleanser and Ginoside

Shahroudi is one of the founders of crimes against humanity in Iran.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran affairs.

Shaho Karimi: I and my sister threatened to be raped / witness testimony.

At the end, the Kurdistan Human Rights Code calls on the people of eastern Kurdistan to strive to uphold their rights, to bring to the attention of the world all the discrimination and inequality that the Islamic Republic of Iran brings to them.

Kurdistan Human Rights Population