Statistical Report – Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan, ” December 2016.”

The human rights report in November 2016, coinciding with the 2 December to 1 January, in East Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association efforts, citing numerous reports of human rights organizations is collected. It is worth noting the report for failing to allow the Iranian government to organizations and human rights groups report is not complete and systematic violations of human rights in Kurdistan East’s only part of it depicts.

Islamic Republic of Iran with Kurdish civilians detained by security forces in violation of civil and political rights, freedom of opinion and expression, violations of the right to life and personal security, government discrimination, disrespect and disregard for the fundamental rights of citizens as well as the torture of political prisoners prisoners political months ended investigated.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As the first paragraph of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be harassed on the occasion of his beliefs and put the fear.

The second paragraph adds Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally or in writing or in print as a form of art, or through any other media of his choice is.

In addition, Article 22 states that Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security And through national effort and international co-operation with the organization and resources of each country, inalienable rights, economic, social and cultural rights for his dignity and the free development of his own character, achieved; and in accordance with Article 5 No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or was insulted.

In accordance with the international conventions in relation to other recognized human rights and political and social rights of human communities, and society each person is entitled to political rights, social, economic and cultural demands and attempt to restore it.


Unfortunately, in this month by the Islamic Republic that their identity has been determined number of Kurdish prisoners were executed, that it reflected the news, but was reported to Human Rights Association of Kurdistan, the Kurdish prisoners are sometimes different crimes that these executions were executed in Iranian prisons are not media Islamic Republic of Iran does not announce executions.

Wednesday 7 December, Ali Chartagh from the village of Ghezel city of Salmas and the morning of Tuesday 6 December, respectively Kangavar Ali Akbar Karami people were executed in the central prison of Salmas and Dizelabad prison.

Monday 12 December a Kurdish prisoner was hanged in the prison of Maragheh. The prisoner executed Suleiman Kaka Allah Nejad 33-year-old son of Hashem  from Saqez arrested in 2012 and in October 2013 in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolutionary court on charges of possession of drugs in Maragheh Maragheh was convicted in court.

15 December this year, a Kurdish prisoner called “Behzad Salimi Kord” son of Osman was hanged in the central prison of Bandar Abbas.

A prisoner of the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan city of Ilam  in the morning 22 December 2016 Moghavemat Crossroads in the city of Ilam was hanged in public.

A Kurdish citizen named Khaled ink from Divandarreh of functions Kurdistan East Namaghi child drug-related charges was executed in the central prison of Bandar Abbas.

Tuesday morning in 27 December, a Kurdish citizen named Khaled Johari child of Namegh from Divandarreh of functions Kurdistan East drug-related charges was executed in the central prison of Bandar Abbas.

Arrest- Prison

“Arrest, summons, warrant, framing, threats, violations of prisoners’ rights”

Action to confiscate and auction off one hundred and fifty million dollars bail Kurdish political prisoners, “Khaled Amin Pur” son of Abdullah by Justice of Saqez.

3 December 11 raided the house Aso Rostami civil rights activist arrested by security forces and plainclothes Islamic Republic of Iran and took him to an unknown location.

A Kurdish student called ” Hazhar Mom Azizi ” 24-year-old was detained by the Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Bukan.

The morning of Tuesday 3 December, Hassan Rstgarymjd, Kurdish political prisoners held in paragraph 12 of Orumiyeh Central Prison to protest the formation of three new cases in prison and 18 years in prison on hunger strike.

Sunday 4 December at around 9am Taha Hamzehei, 17 years old, by intelligence forces Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested in Saqez.

Wednesday 30 November the fate and whereabouts unknown Salar Sophie. Salar Sophie of the General Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday summoned Divandareh Salar holding the summons to the court. Upon entering the court, he also said that security forces beat him with police arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Threatened the family of a Kurdish political prisoner, a relative Aso Rostami information about how to arrest Aso said after the press. A security agency to telephone his family has said that it will be trouble for children. According to him His family is now extremely concerned about the fate of their child, because Aso in contact with the family said had threatened his and said they will send you somewhere that’s where I left the hotel for you.

Husien Daneshmand as a result of torture by interrogators in Sanandaj Intelligence Office of Islamic Republic of Iran is located on his stomach is bleeding and Sanandaj prison administration prevented him from treating it.

Sunday 4 December this year, security forces raided the intelligence of Qorveh mother’s house in East Kurdistan Mr. Saber Naderi, director of Pouya software company Shahir in the city Qorveh, he was arrested and transferred to an unknown location. According to eyewitnesses, security forces besieged all around the house first and then, about 20 security forces simultaneously stormed into the house after opening the front door and all the furniture cluttered and his mother are inspected. These forces contrary to the laws and their claims, without the force of female body searches of women families and personal belongings and protests also threatened family members with their weapons have been forced to silence.

Monday,5 December activistAram Fathi in the city of Marivan were arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this city.

In the evening 8 October 2015, in the city of Mahabad in East Kurdistan Iranian intelligence forces raided his parents’ home, “Shahla Mohammedian” without any license or arrest warrant by the court to be shown to them. Insult to his father, to beat Shahla Mohammedian was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Himen Ghahremani from Azad University professors Bukananan due to artistic activities including drawing and painting workshop set up in the hall Azad University was sacked.

On Saturday 10 December the Islamic Republic’s security forces in the village of Cheshmeh Gol near the city Sheno and arrested four Kurdish citizens. Ahvand Piroti 25 years old child of Rasoul, Shahram Taei 23 years old child of Esmaeil, Mohammad Taei 40 years old child of Rahman and Salim Taei 50 years old child of Abdolah Iranian forces in the village of Cheshmeh Gol without a court papers to arrest them were arrested.

Thursday, 15 December 2016 Kurdish civil rights activist Aram Fathi city of Marivan on Justice summoned by the prosecutor and they were arrested after a day of freedom.

Deterioration due to physical Hassan Rastgari doctor in solitary confinement, he was admitted and examined him. The same applies after 15 days of hunger strike his health had deteriorated to.

Farzad Pourmoradi journalists and political activists on Tuesday, December twenty seventh in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Court in Kermanshah on charges of propaganda against the regime and acting against internal and external security was tried.

Saman Karimi son of Abbas Kurdish civil rights activist from the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East the previous statement was summoned to Branch 101 of the Criminal Justice Marivan.

Around one-thirty in the morning hours of Tuesday 20 December Arash Dadkhah Young from Bokan by security forces in Mahabad Iran arrested at his home and was taken to an unknown location.

Dana Lenjabadi final year undergraduate student agricultural economy after the end of Payam Noor University Marivan prison term is 20 months, prevented her from continuing their education.

Shahla Mohammadyani an ordinance under Article 221 of Prisons and Security and Corrective Measures Organization of Iran, the right to leave is prohibited.

Lavin Karimi political prisoners to protest against the judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the permission and denial of treatment of the hunger strike on Wednesday 2 1 December.

On Monday 26 December 2016 Kamal Hassan Ramazan, the Kurdish political prisoners in Orumieh prison guards were summoned to the office of the prosecutor for questioning, he stated that the command is transmitted to a security agency.

Saeed Shirzad Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike after twenty-one days, suffered from severe abdominal pain, and so far has refused to go to the hospital or clinic Gohardasht prison, and so far no action has been taken by the authorities to his demands.

Tuesday 27 December this year, a guard called “Torabiyan” in the tenth paragraph 35 cells, prisoners with sentences such as “You’re the soil eaten by the prison varieties made an appearance Behnam Ebrahimzadeh not let him beat you sure I’m back I will be. “he incited other inmates to beat Behnam Ebrahimzadeh the Kurdish political prisoners.

On27 December2016, the Office of Intelligence prison Aso Rostami Kurdish political prisoner summoned by intelligence agents and security guards took the prisoner to death threats and humiliation.The prisoner was beaten so that his clothes were torn and bleeding from the inner region.

Saber Naderi in City of Qorveh December this year in custody and moved to an unknown location. The citizens are still unaware of the whereabouts and fate of his family and keep track of them so far has taken no results.

Sunday25 December this year, two brothers named Faramarz and Majid Byghm prisoners accused of several robberies, executions, just Orumiyeh prison, and ordered the amputation of four fingers the right hand moved about every two prisoners were executed. Both from Orumieh prison and spent four years in prison and a half ago.

Monday 26 December Zanyar and Luqman Moradi to meet with the families of political prisoners referred to the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office and the Solicitor General Haji Moradi was told that the two men are not allowed to box.

Fouad Yousefi Kurdish prisoners of conscience detained in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison since 2010 and detained for 8 years in prison, is in critical condition, physical and psychological. The prison, which had been due to physical torture and mental health in terms of psychological and lack of punishment from Monday 26 December hunger strike And on Wednesday evening because of the deteriorating he was transferred to a treatment facility outside the prison but returned to prison without bed He is only 21 months remaining to the end of his sentence and repeatedly filed requests for freedom and sick leave, but his request had been rejected. Not long ago, the judge overseeing the Sunni prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison with them, said according to the Ministry of Information discretion and any right or privilege, including leave, conditional release or transfer to prisons Location not apply to them.

Workers and unions

The unemployment rate in the province of Sanandaj, 11. 6% and the employment rate to 88 people in the province. 4%. Sanandaj province’s population of unemployed university graduates is now fifty-four thousand six hundred sixteen thousand, it holds my associate’s degree and more than two thousand six hundred and fifty of them has a Master’s degree and PhD degrees and the rest has a bachelor’s degree.

Saturday 3 December this year young Kurdish workers’ Azad Mohammadi”during construction work in Glan town” Golan “lost his life due to the collapse of the building.

Tuesday, 6 December Marivan taxi drivers protest in the state of the Union and their work in the Shabrang Square assembly Marivan. Taxi drivers Marivan want to follow up and resolve their trade problems of municipal officials also wanted to organize the urban passenger fleet.

Integrated agricultural workers Mahabad on 2 December in protest of not receiving full wages and wage benefits, severance and insurance problems have been gathering in front of this Industrial Complex and the protest continues.

Wednesday 28 December, a group of workers to protest the dam project Samira salaries and Benefits last 13 months against Iran Water Resources Development and protested in Ilam.

On 12 December this year against government workers and contractors Meymeh Dehloran in Ilam dam protest action to demand their unpaid wages and benefits.

Nearly seven months Welfare and hospital nurses in Kermanshah province, part of their salary as “conservative” did not get called.

Saturday, 16 December 2016, a Kurdish workers called “Hamid Elahi” 23 years old, when welding in an unfinished building located in the neighborhood Qvkh in Saqez, lost his life due to fall from height.

Sheikh seleh almost all citizens are unemployed. Sheikh seleh almost closed border market situation accordingly. Imprudence and lack of organization footbeds authorities workhorse in the region has led to the closure of the border market.

Mahabad on 24 December this year, the factory Azgh employer to dismiss all the workers. In Azgh stone cutting factory in recent years, more than 80 workers are working around the clock and activity.

The unemployment rate of young women aged 15 to 24 in Ilam, Kermanshah and Sanandaj more than 47, 3%.

Innocent civilians – Mine

The discovery of the corpse belonged to someone called “the Ebrhim Nabizadeh was born,” the 21 years before heading to the border to do new jobs  unfortunately, due to severe flooding Zab River and ultimately not able to pass it sinks in the river Zab.The body of the Kurdish innocent civilian sought sand and gravel in the margins of Zab River in the village, “Blau” from the city of Sardasht relevance was found in mid-November this year.

Rybaz Ghaderi innocent civilian, 22, from locals Alan Sardasht in Iran in Alan Sardasht targeted security forces were shooting and was seriously injured. Rybaz Ghadri on Thursday 1 December, when the number of innocent civilians were working for the security forces were shooting The security forces were shot, among them Rybaz was seriously injured and the rest of the innocent civilians were able to escape from the place.

Noon on 4 December 1395 dominated the explosion of a mine in the city of Qasr-e Shirin one person was injured. In this incident a tractor belonging to one of the local farmers checkpoint near the Green Castle of Qasr-e Shirin functions and struck a mine while farming operations and the tractor driver is injured by mine explosions.

Monday night 5 December,  mules businessmen border market Bastam the road near the village of Gnav of Saqez in Marivan were shot by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.Also on the same day in the early afternoon near the Borjak around the village of Saif Zone Kolah Kamlan 5 vertex mules were shot by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and on Saturday 3 December, in Blocka Shkya on the border markets of the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Bastam 8 vertex the other mule was shot.

On 8 December a Kurdish innocentcivilian in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran was a direct target security forces shot and severely wounded. Ayoub Sarvari from the village of Harmyan from city of Salas Babajani dramatically of city functions Azgala village of the functions of the city was shot and wounded.

On Friday 9 December, around the city of Maku in East Kurdistan, the Kurdish security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran innocent civilians shot from a distance of several meters that the Majid Dadkhah one of innocent civilian lost his life.

Saturday, 10 December, anti-tank mine explosion in the village of Cham Hindi Dehloran Ilam Kurdish citizen named Qasim Shafeeh 25 years old driver of the tractor while plowing farmland from the eyes, hands and feet, heavily damaged and suffered a shock wave.

Friday 9 December ,a Kurdish innocent civilian called “Reza Rnaei” on the border between East and South Kurdistan in the region, “Sartazin” Baneh city by the police forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran was shot and severely wounded.

Wednesday 14 December, a Kurdish innocent civilians in Alan Sardasht was seriously injured by security forces of the Islamic Republic of iran Sardar Babkraqa Kurdish innocent civilian from the Tyyty village on the outskirts of Sardasht Alan in the afternoon with a direct hit security forces dramatically residence was seriously injured.

On Saturday 17 December, Akram Ramezani child of Rahman, from the Azgala village of functionsSalas Babajani direct target of police bullets Islamic Republic of Iran and their physical condition is critical.

Akram Ramezani, the result security forces shot and wounded on 17 December, Tuesday 20 December in Taleghani Hospital lost their lives.

21 December as a result of mine explosion in Sumar area in Qasr-e Shirin took the life of a farmer Khodadad Mohammadi the son Hatem 40-year-old from the Qlavary village of Sar Pol Zahab when sheep grazing in the Sumar area due to mine explosions wounded.

Tuesday, 20 December,innocent civilian 45 year old was a native of the central city of Baneh in the name of Bahaedin Azizpour shoot straight with the Islamic Republic of Iran around Sabadlu village was wounded.

Also on the same day near the village of Qala Darehsy Rahim Sheykh Kanlu in the central city of Maku in Iran’s border chase Hong deployed forces in the city of Maku of the mountain collapsed and was badly injured.

Ozjan Khodaei Koran son Hatem midnight Thursday 22 December by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region Maku was killed.

Environment and Health

In the wake of incompetence and failure to provide proper medical university officials to citizens of another pregnant woman died Kurdistan East. A pregnant mother Nowsood called “Marzieh Shokri” after giving birth by Caesarean section, the Qods hospital Paveh died.

A new wave of noise, for the third time this year on Hotbird satellites, Nailsea, Yah Sat, Yvtlsat and 21 November in Sanandaj of the citizens of this city were attacked. In relation to that place Abidar mountain jamming earlier, police stations and Takyeh va Chaman and according to the number of citizens were more jamming devices.

Intentional Fires in the lake’s reeds Zarivar Lake Marivan double life put in danger and ecosystems and animals that have been in serious trouble.The lake due to the unprincipled exploitation, not dredging, waste water entering 17 villages and a part of the neighborhoods around the city and Unauthorized wells added to these problems and this life is endangered freshwater lake doubled and now, with deliberate fires by unknown people in the lake as the lake Urmia Lake has entered a new crisis.

According to reports from the city Kermanshah gunmen to shoot and kill street dogs have Blvd. Sajad 4th District and regional Delgosha.

One hundred and sixty thousand cubic meters of water Sirvan only twenty-nine thousand Kermanshah transferred to the dry plains The rest of the one hundred and twenty one thousand cubic meters to irrigate the plains south of Iran, including plain Abbas agricultural companies and top government that is a government monopoly is transmitted.

Other violations of human rights ” Suicide , Women, children”

30 November a citizen in Urmia in the region, Sheikh Tapeh by the fall of a ten-story building took his own life.

A 25 year old man in one of the Mehr housing units Saqez ended his life by hanging himself.

Thursday 1 December, a woman in the act of self-immolation reiterated for the umpteenth time. Unfortunately,she suffered 80% burns in the hospital and the medical care that he is likely to die.

Innocent civilians Darehvyan and mirgah-e derizh killer was a soldier with a gun on 29 November its military has committed suicide. Apparently the soldiers with orders to shoot to the top of the military base innocent civilian is the result of psychological stress of the shooting innocent civilian has committed suicide.Innocent civilians were injured and one was killed in the shooting six.

Wednesday, 30 November, a young 20 years old the name stands for M. M because of the shame and humiliation to his high school education system by hanging himself with a rope in the basement of their house had committed suicide and died.

Islamization of Faith Yarsan, in a village in East Kurdistan where Kurds who follow the teachings Yarsan Kermanshah live there, as opposed to wants and desires residents of the village, a mosque is built and opened. The mosque in the village of Kalkash , in the district e_Heydarieh, the Gvavr, Gilan Gharb, Kermanshah that the people of the village and its surroundings have long Yarsan Faith reside.

In the wake of the recall campaign “No to the destruction innocent civilians” by activists and residents of Marivan to protest and discontent innocent civilians killing by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan was supposed to protest in front of the government building today, Thursday 8 Marivan December will be held at 10 am local time. Iranian security forces all over the city, especially around the governor have militarized accumulation youth and citizens who were brought to this location prevented it is also claimed that the Internet in the city interrupted or severely reduced speed.

A 48 years old woman from the town of Sardasht by throwing themselves in the water, committed suicide and lost her life.

A woman named “Negin Bidkham” daughter of Salaam in village “Frjabad” Kamyaran city in East Kurdistan on 26 November1395 Solar suicide by setting themselves on fire, and then 10 days of hospitalization in Esfehan hospital with death struggle,she died on the night of Tuesday 6 December.

In a confidential document that the measures to “avoid tensions and potential problems” with the followers of this religion, by senior officials of the General Staff of the Armed Forces issued and signed by Major General Mohammad Baqeri guard reached. Suggests that the Hekmat Safari, Yarsan Kurdish soldiers in garrison Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran Bijar, because of “insults and humiliations commanders and forced to shorten the mustache and do the prayer” committed suicide and died.

Razi University President Krmanshah in a large number of students gathered them plum, always hungry and sold themselves that caused a wave of protests addressed at the level of the university.

“Supreme Leader representative” in the province and the Friday prayer calling for the dismissal and prosecution Krmanshah cultural part of Razi University Teachers for “holding ceremonies disgrace to Islam, the prophet of God and morality” was. In his Friday Prayers sermon, cultural activities and threatened to dismiss Razi University Krmanshah accused and the trial was part of the university teachers.

22 year old girl in the village of Mir Abdoli the city Bayangan functions Paveh was murdered on 19 December. Family disputes cause of her death was announced, and apparently a relative of the girl Pave arrested by the police and was arrested as her murderer.

The body of a young girl on the roadside village of functions Kamyaran Tavariz  found. She is likely after the killing, due to the dark path taken by cars on the road, because the body of the girl is brutally crushed damaged.

Sunday25 December 2016 a 18 year old young woman from the village of ” Saravsoora” functions “Dehgolan” had attempted suicide and lost their lives.

On 26 December this year Sarableh Ghazanchi school of the province Krmanshah fire occurred in East Kurdistan. This is the umpteenth time events that occur in schools Kurdistan East and a series of fires that can occur due to lack of standard heating equipment in schools.

Press Circle Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that in Sanandaj province has not been issued any permits for emissions newspaper in practice Kurdistan is the only province without a newspaper.

Shahid Moogoei school students come to class with an umbrella are Dorud in the city. Moogoei school Dorud city due to its oldness of the building and the roof leaks classes, students have to avoid getting wet in the classroom is the umbrella over their heads.

Wednesday 28 December 2016 in East Kurdistan Saqez 19 year old girl named “S, M” in the neighborhood Saleh Abad has lead to the loss of life was hanging out.

Sarpolezahab in East Kurdistan city of any serving municipal and government institutions have been deprived Iran and the city is practically in ruins.

On Tuesday 27 December, the 18 year old girl in a Bulbuleh village in East Kurdistan Oshnavieh functions with the identity of “S R” extreme poverty due to economic and family problems, suicide attempts and lost their lives.

Canceled a concert Abdulah Mamly child of “Mohammad Mamle” by renowned artist Kurdish Cultural Institute in collaboration with the “Toranj” and with a group ” Kavyar” ready to run in Mahabad, while Vahdat Hall was stopped.

A person in the region, “Dehgolanl” committed suicide. On Thursday morning,29 December this year to as Abbas. A. from the village (Bakerava) 20km Dehgolan committed suicide by rope and lost his life.

Mr. Sharif Bajaur environmental activists Marivan in Kurdistan shops East is on fire. Sharif Bajaur, one of the environmental activists in the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East humanitarian and environmental work done. Sharif Bajaur green Chia member and is responsible for extinguishing this forum. This fire was deliberately suggesting it is.

At the end of the East Kurdistan,  Kurdistan Human Rights Association that wants to try to make diligent in their rights discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed them to bring to the world.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association.