Human Rights Day under the heavy shadow of the lack of rights

While the principles of human rights violations in various parts of the world and the Middle East, and especially in Turkey, Iran and Iraq and Syria is continuing strongly, and while most of northern and West Kurdistan almost war-torn and ravaged cities and regions become residents its worst humanitarian situation in the conflict areas and the livelihood and health may live, and while the Islamic Republic of Iran continued its citizens on a daily basis, and especially Kurdish citizens under the names of smuggling and waging war against God and acting against national security and of anti-clerical, etc., led to the gallows, the Universal Declaration of Human rights was added another year on life.
The tenth day of December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Two years later, the member states were asked to join the signatories of the Declaration. The governments of Iran, Turkey, Syria, the rows of the first countries that signed the Declaration will be adopted. Now after 69 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, violation and violating the principles of human rights throughout Jian, particularly in the Middle East and the governments of Turkey, Syria and Iran continues.
Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the largest governments in the human rights violations and arbitrary arrests and detention, as bearers of discrimination and injustice, torture and execution of dissidents and critics in this field constitute the first titles each year. However, after the nuclear deal between Iran and Western countries, it was some suspicion that perhaps the Iranian government to improve the human rights situation in the country, but over time the deal was signed, it was determined that such forecasts and expectations, very optimistic and was unrealistic. Islamic Republic of Iran not only in attitude and their behavior has not changed, but everyday on the severity of the act and expand the scope of actions against citizens, adds his huff. Conditions and human rights situation in Iran has reached a level of deterioration that many people, especially among the oppressed nations Kurdish, Azari, Arab and Baluch, and religious minorities, more than ever in search of a way out and Migration and escape from the country.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association as a leading institution in defense of the human rights of all sections of society, to commemorate the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and congratulated it completely activists and activists in the field and all political prisoners and Political and victims of human rights violations and their families, once again, on this day of international human rights organizations and from all countries where democracy and political authority is the source of system demand that the government put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran more than before the Declaration of the important achievements of human civilization has seen a high regard and in compliance with the principles of the human rights of all nations and religions and all people in Iran, and to comply with its provisions.
Kind Regards,
Kurdistan Human Rights Association.