Statistics report- Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan January 2017

The human rights situation in East Kurdistan during the month of September 2016 (01/01/2017 to 31/01/2017)in East Kurdistan human rights efforts, citing numerous reports ofKurdistan  human rights Association has been collected.

It is worth noting the report for failing to allow the Iranian government to organizations and human rights groups report is not complete and systematic violations of human rights in Kurdistan East’s only part of it depicts.

Islamic Republic of Iran with Kurdish civilians detained by security forces in violation of civil and political rights, freedom of opinion and expression, violations of the right to life and personal security, government discrimination, defamation and citizens as well as the torture of political prisoners and ignoring the fundamental rights of political prisoners, ended months studied.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As the first paragraph of Article 9 of the International Civil and Political Rights states: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person: no one may be harassed and fear took hold opinions.

The second paragraph adds Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally or in writing or in print as a form of art, or through any other media of his choice is.

In addition, Article 22 states that any person who, as a member of society, has the right to social security And through national effort and international co-operation with the organization and resources of each country, inalienable rights, economic, social and cultural rights for his dignity and the free development of his own character, achieved; and in accordance with Article 5 No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or method used.

In accordance with the international conventions in relation to other recognized human rights and political and social rights Human communities, and society each person is entitled to political rights, social, economic and cultural demands and attempt to restore it congregation or group is no superiority over another and all have natural rights and other recognized benefit.


Unfortunately, in this month by the Islamic Republic that their identity has been shown countless Kurdish prisoners were executed; the news it is reflected; But according to reports received by Human Rights population of Kurdistan, the Kurdish prisoners are sometimes different crimes executed in Iranian prisons and the executions are not media; and the Islamic Republic does not announce executions.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017, death sentence of a prisoner named Mahmoud Faramarzi was accused of murder was executed in Qazvin prison. 36 years old Mahmoud Faramarzi, child of Salim from Qorveh in Kurdistan province.

Sunday 8 January, two kurdish prisoners identified as Sajad Zarsineh from Ilam and Ruhollah Keshtmand from Sarpolzahab in the area Pol Enghelab were hanged in public in the city.

A Kurdish prisoner named Mohammad Zebardast from city of Bukan in East Kurdistan prison on charges of drug trafficking, “Lacan” was executed in Rasht” Lakan”.

January 10, Orumiyeh Prison for the execution of three prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement. The report said that Nasser Soltani from Miandoab, Muhammad Hshtyany  from Orumieh, Zahra Mohammad Pour the women’s ward, all three people on charges of first-degree murder for the execution of Orumiyeh Prison in East Kurdistan were transferred to solitary confinement. Naser Soltani was hanged Wednesday and death sentences for two other prisoners from the women’s ward Zahra Mohammad pour from Mahabad and Mohammad Rasoul Hyshtyany from Orumiyeh people with a deadline of next of kin paused and were transferred to the relevant clauses.

Thursday 12 January , a Kurdish prisoner named is Babak Asghari child of Houshang from Qorveh,Hamadan was hanged in the central prison in Hamedan.

Saturday morning 14 January 2017, two Kurdish prisoners who had been sentenced to death for drug-related charges in Dizelabad prison Kermanshah were hanged.

One of the prisoners Seifollah Hoseinian son Ibrahim, 33, of turpentine “East Kurdistan” was called, named on 29 December 2010, city of Sahneh(province Kermanshah) to charges of drug trafficking was arrested on 17 June 2012, in the Revolutionary Court of Iran in Javanroud to the death penalty; and second inmate executed Tofiq Bahramnezhad child of Qasem from Javanroud. He was arrested in 2012 on charges of drug and 4 March 2014 in Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kermanshah were sentenced to death.

The morning of 16 January Miandoab prison for the murder of a prisoner was hanged in public a crane.

January 21, two prison on charges of possession and transportation of drugs were hanged in the central prison of Orumieh.

Ali Bapir due to illness and paralysis from the waist down was kept in prison yesterday for execution were transferred to solitary confinement. The 22 years old Sina Hoseinpour youth ward the morning of 21 of January,were hanged in the central prison of Orumieh.

Tuesday 24 January, the murder of two prisoners in Orumieh prison and two other prisoners with drug-related charges were hanged in Khorramabad parsilon prison.

Hamed Hamdolahi living in Miandoab and Osman Qavytasy living in Bukanand two prisoners in Orumieh Prison the day before his execution were transferred to solitary confinement for the murder were hanged.

Also Jahangir Byranvand and Adel Byranvand on charges related to drug-parsilon Khorramabad, Lorestan Province, were hanged.

Arrest – Prison

“Arrest, summons, warrant, framing, threats, violations of prisoners’ rights.

Friday 30 December 2016 this year, eleven o’clock, security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Sanandaj Sabah Bassami raided houses and arrested him.

Saturday 31 December this year, Kurdish civil rights activist Saman Karimi attended the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Court in Marivan by Branch 101 of the trial and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Hassan Rastgari Majd, in the thirty-first day protest hunger strike has gone into a coma despite still being held in solitary confinement. Hassan Rastgari Majd, Islamic Republic of Iran on Saturday to protest against court judgments hunger strike was the third of December this year.

From health Kamal Hassan Ramezan conditions in detention centers in Orumieh Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran is not known. The report said that on Monday 26 December this year, Kamal Hassan Ramezan, political prisoners in Orumieh prison camps of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic has been transferred to Orumiyeh and so far there is no news of him and he has been questioned and according to the final before the start of a hunger strike to protest the move said.

Saeed Shirzad from Wednesday 7 December, to protest the policy of “silent death for sick prisoners and the lack of security” by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s political prisoners in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison went on hunger strike to sew his lips.

Mohammad Nazari Mahabad Kurdish political prisoners from East Kurdistan after 23 years in prison, still denied the right to medical leave.

Rojin Paya Kurdish political prisoner from 27 August 2016, period finished his sentence now being held illegally in prison.

Hassan Rastgari Majd, a political prisoner Orumiyeh Central Prison, the era of fourth of January, in the thirty-second day of hunger strike ended their strike and was transferred to the ward.

Soheila Minaei political prisoners in the prison of Kerman After 6 days, at the insistence of her mother ended his hunger strike.

Soheila from Divandarreh 27 year old had announced on 31 December, to protest the beatings and the desecration of her by several of Kerman prison officials to his hunger strike.

Osman Mustafapour Kurdish political prisoner who has been held in Orumieh prison for twenty-five years of his sentence without the right to leave any cuffed.

Hajar Piri in protest at poor prison conditions, her physical condition, she transferred to Ward guilty of a crime by presenting a letter to prosecutors and Tabriz prison officials announced from Tuesday 3 January went on hunger strike.

Female prisoners sentenced to death to protest the certainly meet with her wife and pressure to the women’s ward attendants Orumieh Prison on Saturday 7 January this year was on hunger strike.

Eskandar Khanjari Kurdish journalist and founding board member of Hafez environmental journalists for writing critical comments about the zoo Orumieh in East Kurdistan by the court Islamic Republic of Iran was summoned to court in the city.

Saeed Shirzad Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike due to excessive loss of weight and poor health suffered and he moved with anesthesia prison however, due to the lack of health facilities and the deterioration of his condition have been transferred to the Tehran Khomeini Hospital. The Kurdish prisoners 14 January after the meeting with the prison authorities allow the authorities to investigate claims and promises in the thirty-eighth day of his hunger strike ended.

Kayvan Karimi a filmmaker known prisoner jailed eight Evin prison despite suffering from a lung infection and bleeding are treated and prevented him coming.

Fouad Yousefi Sunni Kurdish prisoners in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison 19 days ago to protest the denial of sick leave on hunger strike and on 26 December in Rajai Shahr prison have gone on strike.

Thursday 12 January, Hassan Rastgary majd, the Kurdish political prisoners by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Court Branch 104 in Orumiyeh in a new case on charges of disturbing the prison was sentenced to 20 lashes and three months in prison.

On Wednesday 18January 2017, Orumieh Branch 10 of the Appeals Court Esmail Sanyar Kurdish civil activist from the city of Bukan in East Kurdistan through one of the centers of acting against the security of human rights defenders and media outside the country, to 36 months and 1 day in prison Sentenced.

Kamel Sharifzadeh from city of Saqez of propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran and advertise for one of the parties by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Kurdistan on social networks Saqez to 6 months and 1 day in prison.

Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran, three Kurdish political prisoners with charges such as communication, advocacy or membership in political parties are in prison Kurdistan East the right to transfer to prisons in East Kurdistan government has denied. Omar Faghihpour, Mohammad Nazari and Khaled Fereydooni three Kurdish political prisoner on 17 January 2017, paragraph four of the Rajai Shahr prison were sent to prisons in their home city, but after two days again brought back to the ward.

On thirteenth of Januaru, of the Islamic Revolution Court in the city of Orumieh on the Kurdish prisoner’s family Fahim Karimi  Rick Abadi told  that he died due to heart failure.

Civil rights activist Saman Karimi on twenty first of January in the city of Marivan several times summoned to the Marivan Intelligence Ministry and was interrogated.

Nemat Fathi of Kurdish political prisoners held in deteriorating prison conditions Dizelabad Kermanshah. The report said that Nemat Fathi from followers Yarsan several times because he has been beaten in prison Dizelabad.

Around noon on Wednesday 18 January Sirvan Golzari the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested at his home and was taken to an unknown location.Also states that the Islamic Republic of Iran so violent and without presenting a warrant for his arrest by the judicial authorities arrested him and he and his family did not provide any reason for his arrest.

22 of January Manijeh Fatehi 22 year old from Boukan accused of collaborating with Kurdish parties, the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Revolutionary Court in of Bukan was sentenced to four years and one day in prison.

Sunday 22 of January family two civil society activists in Sanandaj were summoned to the Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this city. Families Ismail Safi Khani, Mokhtar Naseri Kurdish civil society activists from Sanandaj summoned in connection with the campaign Shengal in 2016.

Orumieh Enforcement Branch is seeking a ruling that the mutilation of Yousef Parvaneh, 70 years old prisoner confined in a prison run Ghezelhesar. The prisoner has been arrested on suspicion of theft.

Four civilians (conscience) from Bokan in East Kurdistan were arrested on 6 of October this year, each were sentenced to five years in prison. Kamal Ali Aghdam, Abdulghafour Asvar, Hajar Faroghi and Yaqoub Noora are walking arrested and charged with acting against national security, the judge was applicable and accordingly charged with prison sentences have been issued for them.

Pardon Commission of Tehran, Mohammad Amin Agushy pardon Kurdish political prisoners in Tabriz Central Prison has opposed.

Ramezan Ahmed Kamal, from Kobani Kurdish political prisoners in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison in October this year without completing a course of therapy was given to the central prison of Qazvin transfer, deprived of medical treatment in the prison.

Urmia Revolutionary Court in the Islamic Republic, seven people from a Sheno citizen on charges of collaborating with Kurdish parties opposed the Iranian regime has tried. The trial court a death sentence for one of the detainees and called Hedayat Abdollahpour and 6 others in prison Mohammad Zaher Faramarzi to 20 years, Yaqoub Baekram to 15 years in prison, Jalal Masrouri to 15 years prison, Kamal Masrouri to 11 years in prison and Sedigh Baekram to 11 years in prison has condemned. The prisoners protested after the decision to place their confinement and and seeks to apply the principle of separation of disciplinary offenses have been transferred to solitary confinement.

On Monday 30 January 2017, Islamic Republic’s forces attacked the home city of Dehgulan Iqbal and Parvaneh Hossein Panahi, arrested them.

Workers and unions

In a meeting of managers and appointed representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Kurdistan province, Syed Ahsan Alavi said the unemployment rate in the border towns of the province of Kurdistan has reached 45%.

Company employer poultry industry and agricultural products “Orum Gohar Daneh” expelled at least 20 Kurdish seasonal workers in the province of Urmia in East Kurdistan.

Tuesday 10 January,  the number of workers municipal green space Kuzaran Kermanshah functions Abyek protest demanding their due salaries from the municipality of the city.

14 January 2017, Kangavar city municipal workers from Kermanshah in East Kurdistan the province to protest their.Nearly 4 months is protesting workers have not received their wages and benefits.

More than three months Rawansar municipal green space in East Kurdistan Workers contract without pay and benefits were living in poor conditions. Green space laborers of the municipality Protective institutions were threatened that in case of any protest, they are fired.

Agroindustrial complex of Mahabad East Kurdistan Workers to protest the non-payment functions protesting their wages for 16 months and more than forty days have accumulated in the area of trade unit.

On 17 January Kermanshah Oil Refinery workers to protest the privatization of the refinery by officials in the city to protest the Iranian government.

Municipal workers Miyandoaab in East Kurdistan to protest the non-payment of his monthly salary as well as giving land to non-specified persons or institutions and municipal gathered in front of the unknown.

Twenty third in January protest gathering a large number of farmers from Kermanshah to receive demands from the Islamic Republic of Iran and factories were contracted.

At the same time travel ” Mohammad Bagher Nobakht,” Iran’s vice president the province of Kurdistan in East Kurdistan, Zagros steel workers in the city Qorveh, with the delivery of a petition, demanding an investigation into the situation in the factory and working conditions were poor.

Bukan taxi driver in East Kurdistan to protest the lack of CNG fueling stations in the city, held a protest gathering in front of the taxi of Bukan.

Delayed ten months’ salary physicians and staff Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in East Kurdistan, doctors working in “Kangavar” have announced in Kermanshah Province If this situation continues, the doctors will continue to be used only in emergency room and hospital visits and outpatient clinics refuse.

Innocent civilians and Mine

Tuesday afternoon 10 January 2017, 5 Kurdish innocent civilians with shot straight forces the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region Haji Omran were injured. Innocent civilians names of the injured are:Esmail Afshar child of Ibrahim, Hasel child of Taha, Jafar child of Rahman, Mamah child of Atashbarg and Behnam Shoresh,is also Esmail Afshar 16 years old.

On Saturday 14 January, after shooting a group of innocent civilians and chase resulting from the shots fled the Islamic Republic of Iran fall into the abyss and a young man loses his life.

Eventide Saturday twenty first January 2017,near the Bastam of Saqez functions 25 innocent civilians of the Islamic Republic of Iran in cross-border ambush regiment forces were in the area. Border Regiment troops in the region by firing directly at them were killed and four head of horses innocent civilians and also innocent civilians saw a number of minor injuries and was released on their goods and drove away. 16 January , number of Kurdish innocent civilians from Shahu the town and surrounding villages in the mountains Nowsood- Tavileh (border village in East and Southern Kurdistan) for innocent civilians cargo Islamic Republic of Iran forces are lurking.One of innocent civilians in this regard to Kursistan Human Rights Association rapporteur said that the number of innocent civilian, who had to carry athletic shoes In the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region, we were ambushed troops when volatile and dark due to the residents of the city Shahu Hiva Vahabi Yousefi child of Amin was thrown from a cliff and the arm, shoulder and leg was wounded and was taken by the people at the hospital Paveh.

Saturday 28 January 2017, in Beaver area of the city of Sardasht East Kurdistan, a group of Kurdish innocent civilians were caught in avalanche A group of innocent civilians in points between East and South Kurdistan due to heavy snowfall and closure of main roads by military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 16 people caught in avalanches are innocent civilians With 4 of them lost their lives and 12 people were taken to hospital.

Environment and Health

33 dams under construction or being studied in Kurdistan province and the annual three billion three hundred million cubic meters of water stored in dams in Kurdistan and Kurdistan Province Citizens share of this amount is only two thousand and seven hundred hectares of irrigation, In fact, it means that the 33 dams in Kurdistan province, only 8 percent of the water consumed in Kurdistan Province and the rest of the five non-Kurdish provinces in the center of the political geography of Iran is transmitted.

A group of citizens Bukan Kurdistan East by publishing names and signatures of the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this city noise rig were close calls.

Water shortages and droughts Kurdistan while it happens that the climate in Kurdistan Province Water Supply five Iranian provinces outside of East Kurdistan; and 3 billion three hundred million cubic meters of water stored in dams in Kurdistan province, only 2,700 hectares of the waters in irrigation use of the 33 dams in Kurdistan, ie only 8% of the water consumed in the Kurdistan province.

Currently, more than 1559 people in Kurdistan Province are cancer patients. According to Deputy Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, 1559 people in Kurdistan Province are suffering cancer.

Sarab Qanbar Kermanshah large part of the trees in East Kurdistan, complained and the environment is damaged area.

As the people of the region say unidentified individuals who do not know any organization affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran are beginning to have trees cut excessive.

Saqez’s drinking water in the province of Kurdistan, East Kurdistan Unsafe by filtering and monitoring is inadequate to homes and drinking water in the city without the need for laboratory testing and medical hydrology, muddy citizens feel unsafe drinking water and that’s why the city water pollution risk and its dissemination among citizens, and especially children were.

Other violations of human rights, Suicide , Women , children and …..

Bane city education director, said this year in the city of Baneh, 35 students were in elementary school dropout; and 16 percent are illiterate citizens for Baneh.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence summoned Rawansar not campaign organizers said that the right to conduct this campaign not to death and warned them that if they all hold the rally will be arrested.

A woman from the city, “Oshnavieh” committed suicide by hanging himself. The woman’s name “Somayeh” 34 year old mother of two children.

In the latest statistics provided by the Central Bank of Iran, the monthly cost of a household 2. 9 million USD is mentioned, while the average household income of less than a million dollars is estimated at East Kurdistan However, 35% of the 2,9 million USD (one hundred and fifty million dollars) for housing costs or rent a household is declared.

Density school classes in 15 Khordad Shrvynh of functions Javanroud in East Kurdistan undermine the school’s educational quality and school failure students have been placed.

17 of January, a group of university students protested Boroujerd in front of the university. The report states that these students were involved with the slogan Writings, government discrimination and inequalities in the student applies. Action to protest the rally.

Marginalized citizens in Orumieh province is increasing in this regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to official data, more than fifteen percent of the province’s citizens live in the suburban areas.

January 17, Iranian security forces deployed on the road between the city of Baneh and Sardasht, Baneh in the name of Abdulmotaleb Moradi shot towards young people and this young his lives because of the severity of the wounds caused deep damage and lost.Died from a village called Balehsan the functions of Baneh.

Tuesday  17of January, 14 years old girl S. A. the marriage and the wedding was to be held soon, in the village of Aliabad Klatrzan functions Sanandaj committed suicide with a gun.

The son of a soldier’s family Baha’i Miyandoab Mohiuddin Zehni Iran-Iraq war in 1987 and died in fronts Piranshahr Can not be registered as a dead martyr Foundation.The report said that the martyr Foundation Miyandoab answer Mohiuddin request to register him as dead mother wrote Mohiuddin Zehni belong to the Baha’i religion and his family due to the work of the Foundation bylaws possibility of filing for the same person or personsWhether veterans or victims there, so at the request of the mother’s Mohiuddin Zehni not investigated.

Arina 17 years old city Qorveh due to family problems took her own life by swallowing the drug.

Friday 23 January, the young 34 years old city of Sanandaj called ( ended his life by hanging himself.

Twenty sixth of January Rawansar student committed suicide. Rawansar student in his home in the neighborhood Saleh Abad city Rawansar committed suicide and lost his life.

Thirty percent of Khorramabad schools are destructive and dangerous. According to the head of a district education Khorramabad in this regard, as has already Khorramabad 30 percent of school districts have a destructive and texture are worn.

At the end of the Kurdistan human rights Association of the people of Kurdistan East to try to make diligent in their rights discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed them to bring to the world.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association.















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