The following analysis report by Amed Shaho discusses the policy of the Iranian government towards Kolbars (workers) and questions the policy of this government towards Kurdistan.

News of the killings, injuries, arrests and deaths of Kollbars in Kurdistan alone, the media and the public opinion alone, have raised concerns among political forces and factions in the community.

Why has kollbari grown in Kurdistan?

Can kollbari afford the necessities of life of the citizens?

Who is responsible for involving citizens to kollbari work?

Who is responsible for killing and chasing Kollbars?

At what extend does the regime intend to resolve the calamity of kollbari and businesspersons?

What are the task and responsibility of the people to end these massacres?

Kollbari’s growth in Kurdistan is the result of the fault policies of the occupier regime in Iran, which means that a regime has monopolised over Kurdistan and deprived for the Kurdish people, and that all the underground and surface profits is being looted by the regime’s mafias.

The regime officials are systematically seizing the opportunity to live and enjoy life in Kurdistan, so that the people and the community obligated to be depended on them.

The regime has taken the first step in annihilation the Kurdish people, deprived them the ability and opportunity of life, and work.

The regime has converted Kurdistan, where was known as a paradise on earth to a hideout military and a disadvantageous desert not to be the benefit of the people of the region.

This means that the regime separates the people from their ancestors and their homeland and makes Kurdistan an invading field to deposit and harvest, whatever it wants. The regime’s policy has converted Kurdistan today forbidden for its homeowners and legitimated for occupiers.

Kollbari has germinated in sequence of the Iranian regime’s occupier policies, which means that the more the invaders spread, the more kollbari will become more and more widespread. Therefore, until the end of the occupation in Kurdistan will not be ended, the toil of kollbari and the like will not end because as long as the invaders are in power in Iran and Kurdistan, there will be no life and job opportunities for their citizens.

The ingrained of the toil and tragedy of the people of Iran and Kurdistan reverts to the occupation of the Iranian regime in those regions and Kurdistan.

The daily killings of Kollbars in Kurdistan and the intentional killing of Baloochian fuel transporters confirm this fact in Rashamma (19-02-2021 – 20-03-2021).

The occupier regime of Iran wants to accomplish its impurity tasks consecutively in Kurdistan:

In the first step of its plots, the Kurdish people will be surrendered in order to renounce the identity, dignity, and philosophy of their lives, and to continue their life and existence, but not to confront the invaders.

In the second step, with the success of these plans, the Kurdish people will be capitulating to the regime forever. It means forcing the people to starve and frighten to be impelled of the occupier’s policies and become soldiers and mercenaries of the occupier Iranian regime.

In the third step of the plots, the regime wants to describe the Kurdish people as terrorist to afford the opportunity to genocide and massacre, and to illustrate their killing and massacre legitimately. Accordingly, the Kurdish people will be deprived of their right to live on their own land.

In the fourth step of the plots of the invader, attempt to denudate the Kurds, and this has begun in all dimensions of society. This means that the regime first annihilate the history, culture, land and nation of the Kurdish people.

The invader eliminates and eradicates the opportunities that the Kurds liberate from the occupations claws. The invader conquers the thoughts and memory of the people in particular and obliterates the souvenirs of individuals.

In the fifth and final step of the plots, the regime at once wants to exterminate the Kurdish people. Accordingly, nowadays the Kurdish people, because of the minds of the authority, have been involved in the cultural genocide and are being triturated in the mills of slavery, espionage and mercenary.

Among to the annihilation opportunities and job opportunities, sources of the life of the people in Kurdistan, kidnapping and arresting of civil society, environmental and artistic activists are the alarms that ring dangerously of the Kurdish people genocide and massacre systematically.

The source of Kollbars’ growth and spread in Kurdistan is the factors to the regime’s dangerous policies. Consequently, until those plots would not be revoked, the opportunity for freedom and justice life in Kurdistan will not be provided.

According to Kollbars’ sore and suffering, if they had the opportunity to choose another job in the border areas of Kurdistan, most of the citizens would not have favoured this toil and catastrophe job. Definitely, on the contrary, they would live gloriously on their luxuriant and plenteous land.

Conversely, nowadays, in the shade of the existence of an occupier, the thief and corrupt power, the hopes of the freedom and justice life of the people have been stifled and they have been obliged to choose Kollbars’ toil coercively.

On the other hand, with many unjustified and clingy accusations of Kollbars, they present them the death bullet and, under that pretext, providing paths for the occupation and the militarisation of Kurdistan. The mind of the occupying Kurdistan is designed to demolish the economic infrastructure and substructure in Kurdistan. The invader prevents the resolving problems of the people by themselves. The invader does not provide any opportunity to the citizens of Kurdistan to invest. This means that Kurdish investors are not permitted to build factories and workhouse in border cities and are not permitted to provide jobs for their citizens.

Since the only job, that the regime perceives as legitimate for the Kurdish people is underling and mercenary. This is the only action that the regime invests in Kurdistan. By promoting that impurity policy, the invader wants to try to attract them into the power system and produce an unwilling and feeble individual.

Nevertheless, the Kurdish people have always attempted to avoid the involving of plots and policies of the occupiers, and have been willing to choose any kind of toil and difficult life, even death rather than to be depending on the authority as an underling.

Therefore, kollbari is growing nowadays in the border areas of East Kurdistan, in order to provide the necessity for their daily life, while kollbari is in the hardest human toils list. In Kurdistan, the involvement rate of citizens, especially adolescents and women, is increasing day by day.

By the end of the year 1399 (20-March-2021), the regime’s official agencies had reported about 119 women who were on their doing kollbari, while the facts of the border areas showed more than that. The statistics show that the figure of refugees in Kurdistan reaches 150 thousand, which is a catastrophe and tragic incident.

This means that the regime’s policy of dearth and poverty in the Kurdish regions has accomplished an army of Kollbars that the regime is forcibly entering them into its power sector.

The points that set by the regime for the growing of kollbari in Kurdistan include:

  • Extreme poverty and destitution
  • The deep and widespread unemployment of the people, especially women and youth
  • Disadvantages and lack of economic infrastructure in the border areas
  • Lack of investment and long-term programs to provide constant employment
  • Inequality and the unequal division of the country’s wealth and resources
  • Excessive segregation by the authority over border areas compared to the centre
  • The regime’s security and political view of the border areas
  • Militarisation of the area, chasing, arresting, killings and executions of civilians
  • The proliferation of repressive forces and the deployments of the regime and the infiltrating of mafias belonging to the Guards Army into all sections of society
  • Attracting citizens into the authority’s sections coercively.

These points are the main cause of kollbari’s growth and a faction of other massacre phenomena in Kurdistan.

Who exactly is the Kollbar? What is the kollbari in Kurdistan that has frightened the regime?Kollbar is the one who exports and imports a certain amount of goods from the border areas to earn a morsel and earn alimony of his/ her family life, and receives a wage according to the weight and type of backpack.

Thus, why are the Kollbars in Kurdistan soften would be attacked and chased by the regime militants? Are the Kurdish people not permitted to obtain legitimate food in Kurdistan?

How should the necessity goods of backpacks of Kollbars , what are their daily necessities be illegal goods? Whereas the forces of the Guards are the largest mafia organisation that is active with all kinds of smuggling activities and does not face any penalties.

It is only to legitimise the occupation of Kurdistan that it is a war against the exporters, transporters and traders in the name of fighting against the importation of goods, and to strengthen and prolong the walls of the occupation and the claws of oppressive.

A Kollbar that carries a backpack of load from the neck of Tata of Mariwan for more than 19 kilometres even without knowing race or age, how can his/ her fathers and grandfathers’ birthplace be easily justified by the stamp of terror and smuggler and their killing be legitimate, but such dangerous toil not be legitimate for citizens?

If the regime actually wants to wage a war against corruption, smuggling and injustice in Kurdistan, it must first start with the regime’s own bureaucrats and the power systems, the security forces and the Basij. In the regime’s judiciary, the poor and poor people must not be presented with injustice and unfairness.

Kolbari is an imposed toil by the authority against nations of the border resident. In order to prolong their existence and save themselves from the many hardships of life, the people, despite the dangers of doing so, have turned to kollbari. Even due to the difficult living circumstances and the livelihoods of people, the rate of women’s participation in kollbari has increased, which demonstrates the level of the regime’s impurity plots in Kurdistan.

What harm has kollbari affected to the people and society that has dejected and disturbed the regime? In what field has kollbari harmed the people and the authorities? Has kolbari harmed the people and the community rather than the actions of the Guards disorderly that the regime officials are describing kolbari such as an illegal job nowadays? What is legal and illegal action in Iran? Who lives in Kurdistan legally and who lives illegal?

The Guards Army and its sectors are the largest illegal force in Kurdistan, and they are a force of robbers, killers and destroyers. The killings of Kurdish Kollbars and businesspersons in the border areas have been systematised, and this demonstrates the regime’s policy against the Kurdish people.

Since, the militias of the regime, who, contrary to the law of their own power, shoot at Kollbars and the businesspersons, which causes losing their lives and injuries, why would the militias not be identified as guilty, enquired and penalised? It shows that the regime orders its militias different policies in different regions in Iran, especially in Kurdistan. The militants who sacrifice Kurdish civilians will be promoted, rewarded.

In addition to the oppression and violence, and the shootings, injuries and killings by regime militants, the Kollbars continue to face other natural dangers such as being frozen to death, falling from the mountains, exploding mines under them and looting their capital by the regime mafias.

Being frozen Azad and Farhad Khusrawi from the necks of Tatai Mariwan and the losing life of five civilians in the village of Korani of Urmia under the snow slide, we are reminded of the tragedy heart-breaking and agonising that occurs because of the regime’s dimness politics and plots.

These tragedies are repeated daily, and no attempt has been made and would not be made to resolve the problems of the people by the authority. The pledge by regime officials to resolve the Kollbars’ issue has been placed in a niche. As the regime’s interior secretary had announced in 2017 that the kollbari phenomenon would be ended. In return, 15 border markets will be opened and peddling cards will be given to the Kollbars and no taxes will be levied, and the same slogan has been repeated in the winter of 1399 (21/12/2020-20/03/2021) by Iranian officials.

According to this way, they try to calm the wave of opposition of the nation and deceive and mislead with these projects, so they want to control Kollbars by the regime’s plots and then legally demolish the opportunity of livelihood of the people.

On the other hand, in the winter of this year, the head of the judiciary, during a visit to Kermashan province, reiterated the futile and swindle that they have established a group work to consider the Kollbar’s welfare project as soon as possible. Conversely, those promises are remained so on paper, as the killing of tens peoples after the announcement of the project reveals the regime’s real face and the essence of its plots in Kurdistan, while the citizens been sacrificed their lives of obtaining a morsel of bread for their families.

The incapable circumstance of the people is not important to the authorities, and they have not been collaborated.On the contrary, the regime ends the legitimate job and occupation of Kurdish citizens in Kurdistan by the armed forces of killing, chasing and looting, and they contrive their plots according to their own advantages.

The main context of the project is that the regime does not accept any lack of security and stability in the border areas. This means that the regime will never acknowledge the existence of the identity of Kollbars and the businessperson. Therefore, a solution of the project should never be expected from the killer of Kurds, the Balooches and the Arabs, because, the regime has created this phenomenon systematically itself and governs its policies of anti-Kurdish and other nations. Therefore, even if any project would be performed, there is no doubt that the citizens would be depended on to the army and the Basij centres as captivity.

The statistics that published in the media reveal the fact to conscientious and patriotic people, that the kollbari is another regime’s plea of killing the Kurds in the region. According to the unofficial statistics between 2015 until 2021, about 450 Kollbars were killed and 750 Kollbars were injured, which is a sign of the outbreak of war in Kurdistan.

This means that the regime in Kurdistan has declared the Kurdish killing war and covers up its actions with a series of baseless excuses groundless pleas, while kollbari has not been convicted of the provisions of the Constitution.

There is no legal penalty in the regime’s laws for Kollbar that numerous Kollbars and businesspersons have been killed in border areas innocently. The responsible for that massacre is mafia and the robbers of the Guard Force that have stressed the society.

Persons such as Ali Shamkhani, the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, to cover the regime’s operations have stated; “The Iranian regime has never wanted that a brave and courageous Kurd to be a Kollbar and the response by the regime to the Kurdish people’s sincere and loyal is not such as”.

The happenings that take place in Kurdistan is in contrast to the statements made by regime officials. This means that the regime avoids its crimes ball and accepting its responsibility, and perceives that the Kurds killing is the greatest medals and good deeds to the Kurdish people, which they are giving to citizens in different parts of the East today.

The crying of mothers, sisters and relatives and the of Azad and Farhad Khusrawi and the 5 Kollbars of the village of Korani in Urmia unmasked the real face of the authority in Kurdistan. The regime did nothing to succor the nation of the area, to rescue the Kollbars, who were implicated into snow slide, on the contrary, created obstacles for the people of the area.

The explanation of it was heard in the language of bereft mothers, that the regime describes the Kurdish nation as heretic and does not succour them and the nation is remained lonely.

In order for life in Kurdistan to be significant and valuable and to be own personality and powerful, it is necessary to strengthen legitimate struggles and organise the nation against the authorities and the occupiers. Therefore, it is the duty of every citizen to confront the occupiers in Kurdistan, to save their selves from the claws of occupiers and the tyranny and oppression.

Instead of expecting from the killer of themselves to provide the opportunity of living and employment in Kurdistan, we must rely more on our own strength of essence and persisting of insurance the free and justice life and fortify the democratic struggle.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association