In the aftermath of Turkey’s attack on Afrïn, the silence of the United Nations, the European Union and the international communitycan can be seen as accompanying the Genocide of the Kurds

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association condemns Turkey’s military attacks on western Kurdistan, where tens of people have lost their lives and hundreds were injured. The silence of the international community and international peace-keeping institutions is dangerous and can provide grounds for another genocide in the world.

The lack of timely response of the international community also led to the massacre of Jews, Armenians, Kurds (Anfal in Halabja, Genocide Shingal, Darsim genocide), and so on. The current Turkish imposed war on kurds in the Afrin region of West Kurdistan is a terrible incident. Which occurred before the eyes of the international community, but not the United Nations, neither the European Union nor other countries, have made any attempt to stop Turkey’s attacks.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association urges the United Nations, the European Union and all the countries of the world to respond promptly to end the Turkish attacks on this part of Kurdistan and to fulfill its obligations to protect international peace.

By overturning its national security and protecting its borders, the Turkish government has violated Kurdistan’s national sovereignty of the West and has endangered the security of its inhabitants, dozens of children and civilians have so far been victims of Turkish military attacks, It is a devastating wreck that arose as a result of Turkish military attacks in the canton of Afrin.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association strongly urges the United Nations, the European Union and the international community to play a part in ending Turkey’s unecessarym war in a genuine and immediate manner.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association