The shooting the bullet to city of Lija in Northern Kurdistan

In the wake of the news that the Kurdistan Human Rights Association has received, Turkish army attacks continue to the villages and towns of Kurdistan in northern Kurdistan.

This time the city of Lija was attacked. It is reported that the “Mushref” village was shot down by the Turkish army helicopters in the city of Lija, during which three non-military villagers were wounded.

The actions of the Turkish army have not limited the shelling of the city and the villages of its functions, but also, with the announcement of military rule, has banned any traffic in the Mushref village.According to the report, two of the injured people in the Mushref are now very bad.

Referring to the fact that the attacks of the Turkish army continue to be in the urban and rural areas of northern Kurdistan, but the creation of the Kurd has been staunch and resistant to these aggressions, they want freedom and independence of their motherland.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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