The protest of a from Sheno citizen in eastern Kurdistan to court sentence

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Kurdish citizen of Sheno, who was sentenced to six years imprisonment in the lower court appealed to the court. “Khalil Shahi” is from the village of Sangan who is from the “Sheno” district in eastern Kurdistan, who was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment on charges of cooperating with Kurdish parties by the Revolutionary Court of the city of Kurdistan. He argued against the verdict and filed his case Appeal to a court in Urmia has been transferred.

It should be noted that on Saturday 16 July 2016, he was arrested by one of his friends, Zakriya Safkar, and was arrested by the intelligence agencies of the city of Sheno. He was released from prison after interrogation and until the issuance of a court order by bail.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association