The house of Golnar Ghadimkhani and Muzaffar Salehnia was attacked by security forces

On Tuesday,May17, 2022, IRGC intelligence agents went to the house of Muzaffar Salehnia, a member of the board of directors of the Free workers Union of Iran, and searched the house of this labor activist.
It should be noted that Iranian intelligence agents entered his house illegally and announced that they had ordered the arrest of Golnar Ghadimkhani, Mr. Salehnia’s wife, but they left his house after searching and confiscating his personal belongings.
Iran’s security and intelligence agencies then summoned Golnar Ghadimkhani to IRGC intelligence over the phone.
According to the report received, Golnar Ghadimkhani is being interrogated and no information is available about her fate.
Golnar Ghadimakhani is a teacher with a history of schools in district one of Sna city (Sanandaj)