The hunger strike of Citizens and Civic Activists “East of Kurdistan” to support carrier ( innocent civilians )

According to a statement by a group of civil and political activists in eastern Kurdistan, a copy of which also reaches the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, it was announced that they would go on hunger strike for 3 days in order to sympathize with the carrier family and the victims, as well as expressing their dissatisfaction with the death of carrier.

In this statement, civil and political activists have looked at this issue from the point of view of human rights and have talked about lack of work and lack of strong economic infrastructure in east Kurdistan and they say that the hungry people have gone to carrier work on unemployment and poverty, in order to earn a live.

The purpose of this activists is to write this statement is to bring the sound of the not heard carrier to the attention of the officials and authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The names of the striker activists are as follows:

Hasan Amini, Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudvand, Ismail Moftizadeh, Hadi Adab, Hesamedin Amin, Simin Chaichi, Ejlal Ghavami, Shilan Gilani, Mahmoud Mahmoudi, Masood Kurdpoor.

It should be noted that after the murder of 2 carrier in the city of Baneh on Monday 4 Septamber 2017, by the Islamic Republic’s security forces, there was a aggregation and strike of bazaarists and businessmen in Baneh, as well as a massive media reflection.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association