The continuity of fires in the beautiful nature of “Paveh” and “Javanrood” in eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, in the latest report on the persistence of fires in the cities of Paveh and Javanrood, despite the efforts of local people and environmental activists, after four days of this fire, the fire was not restrained and the trees and life of the animals in this area were besieged. There are fires.

According to the news, the forces that have gone today 1 Auguste 2017, to control the fire today, despite the fact that they are tired, continue to curb the fire and have begun to ask people for help and new help.

It should be noted that this extensive chain of fires in the East of Kurdistan forests and rangelands has become a daily series, and everyone in Kurdistan knows that this non-human and environmental destruction is being carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran and every year, with the onset of the summer, the crisis Large forest fires are a pristine nature in east Kurdistan, and the city authorities and relevant departments responsible for shutting down these fires are not helping the local people with this problem, but they can save the people of the area with firefighting helicopters. And grasslands and enclosed forests in the fire.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association