Protesting the killings of the carrier in the city of Baneh and the strikes and the sympathy of the people of eastern of Kurdistan

According to the latest reports, to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and during the street protests of the people of Baneh and the close the market,people from other cities of eastern Kurdistan have issued statements in support of these protests to stop killing the carrier ( innocent civilians).

Of these, the people of Marivan, Saqez and Sardasht, with closing the markets all togeather announced today their . Civil activists from Sanandaj and Kermanshah and other cities of eastern Kurdistan have also invited people to the rally on Thursday at 10am. The countryside people, civil society organizations and activists of Dehgolan also issued a statement dated on Wednesday 6 September 2017, condemning the kill Kurdish carrier ( innocent civilians ) by the security forces and border guards.

It should be noted that the cities areas of eastern Kurdistan are security-filled with military forces and disturbances in Internet networks. In this regard, a number of internet activists, including 5 people, have been arrested, the names of three of which are listed in the informal sources as follows: Arman Faraji, Shojaa Hosseinpour, Aram Khaki. Also, in Baneh clashes yesterday, 10 people were wounded and 15 were arrested. The names of three of the arrested were based on unofficial sources: Kordo Hosseinpour, Jalal Sawan and Ahmad Shafiei.

The massive protests are in response to the will of the people to stop the kill carrier who have suffered from unemployment and overthrow of this heavy and non-human effort. According to statistics released by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association in 2016, 47 dead carrier were shot dead and 33 carrier were killed and wounded in the last two months. Among them, Haidar Faraji, 21, and Vahid Dowlatkhah, are 17 years old from the youngest of the dead.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association