The destruction of the city of Sur Amed by the Turkish government

According to a report from the Human Rights Association, quoted by the Roz News Agency, yesterday after the resistance of residents of the Ali Pasha neighborhood to prevent the destruction of their residential homes, today, on 7 August 2017, special police forces attacked the neighborhood, residents They arrested him and began to destroy the homes of citizens with bulldozers. According to the report, Ibn Special Forces to prevent the publication of this news, all journalists and media outlets moved away from the area.

Given that several months ago Amnesty International had warned the international community about the destruction of the historic works of the Lalebi and Ali Pasha Sur Amed neighborhoods,but the Turkish government did not pay attention to these warnings and by pressure and violence, citizens have been plagued by the devastation of these areas.

It should be noted that the Turkish government, along with the Islamic Republic of Iran, is faced with a common anti-Kurdish plan, in spite of the massacres of ordinary and defenseless people and the extermination of forests and pastures, and also by destroying the historical works of a nation, they want war Do not make thousands of years change the geography of Kurdistan, which is known as the source of known civilization.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association