Major dissatisfaction of people in eastern Kurdistan due to the murder of 2 carrier ( innocent civilians) from the city of Baneh

After the killing of 2 Kurdish carrier from Baneh in eastern Kurdistan, entitled “Qader Bahrami” and “Heydar Faraji”, on Monday 4 September 2017, the people of this city demanded the punishment of the perpetrators of the murder of these two carrier and the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran They condemned this inhumanity, but they did not receive an answer from the authorities, and in the meanwhile, they decided to send a protest speech to the authorities through strike and protest and gathering against the governorate of the city.

It should be noted that the governor of Baneh refused to respond to the demands of the citizens of Baneh, and the people decided that they would continue to protest and disagree with the closure of all the shops and the bazaar of the city that day and come to the streets in a completely civilized way and without violence, but as always The government and security apparatus and the armed forces of the Islamic Republic have faced all kinds of civil protest against citizens by force, threat and force, and by bringing more and more troops to Baneh and east Kurdistan, as well as using tear gas to suppress the people.

Several protesters and civilians have been arrested in this context, and such attacks have caused all citizens of other cities in Kurdistan to express their sympathy and support and demand that they stop the crackdown, the massacre and the hunger of keeping businessmen and carrier.

It should be noted that the daily reports of the deaths of carrier ( innocent civilians), suicide, the economic crisis, unemployment and poverty are published by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, and even with the condemnation of these inhuman and immoral behaviors, the authorities and officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran are not only present They do not have to rethink the policies of murder, repression, racism and plundering of citizens’ property, but block the livelihood of the people, which is carrier job and its hardships, while the people of these areas, despite the rich underground and underground reserves, The false occupations of carrier and the vendor turned to all this Factors undoubtedly goes to the wrong policies of the regime in Iran.

Therefore, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association calls on all civil society activists, domestic and international human rights organizations and international organizations to remain silent against the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to help people reach their legal and human rights as well as the Kurdistan Human Rights Association All-round support for the legitimate demands of the citizens, and again calls on all citizens of different cities of Kurdistan to continue their protests in a civilized and non violent manner, do not leave the citizens of those region and victim’s families alone.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association