Farzad Samani went on a hunger strike

On Saturday, May 30, “Farzad Samani”, a student activist from Mahabad, who was arrested by I.R’s security forces in January 2021, went on strike to protest the extension of his detention in the IRGC’s detention center.

It’s noteworthy that: the detention of this student is extended for the 6th time and the security agencies of the Iranian government are trying to force him to confess.
According to his family: Branch 3 of the I.R.Iran’s court in Mahabad issued an extension order to extend his detention in the IRGC’s Office, and he stated in a meeting with his family that he had under pressure to force him to confess.

Farzad Samani is a student of “Sociology” at Kharazmi University in Karaj, who was arrested on January 19, 2021 by the IRGC’s terrorist organization in Karaj.