There is still no information available on the fate of Ramin Hussein Panahi and other detainees

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, after more than two months of Ramin Hussein Panahi’s detention, and despite repeated attempts by the family, the security and military institutions have refrained from imposing any definite answer on the fate of this political activist.

According to the report, Hussein Panahi’s family sent a letter to the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of the people of Ms. Asma Jahangir calling for their follow-up to receive information on the situation of Ramin Hussein Panahi and other family members of Hussein Panahi.

It should be noted that, Ramin Hosseinpanah political activist on Thursday 22 June 2017, by the forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards wounded and arrested, and the fate of the activists so far unknown and then detained him, security forces on Sunday 25 June 2017, to home, her father attacked and Anvar Hossein Panahi and fellow other brothers Ramin “Zubair ,Ahmad, Abas., Afshin.” also were arrested, but Afshin. and Abas. yet been jailed, Islamic Republic of Iran with the detainees, arbitrary and lack of funds legal and judicial especially in East Kurdistan indicative of unfair treatment and extreme behaviors, and In contrast to all domestic and international laws.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association