The joint secretary (HDP) of Mersin City was sentenced to prison.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, Mohammad Mirza Soylemz, the secretary general of the People’s Democratic People’s Party (HDP) Mersin in northern Kurdistan, who was arrested on 12 August 2017, was sentenced to prison by the Turkish court.

According to a news release (Rozh News), Turkish police forces arrested 23 people in Mersin City on 12 August 2017, including Soylemz.

The court session was held last night 23 people and 20 of them were released but three people, Mohammad Mirza Soylemz, the party’s party secretary general (HDP) in Mersin, Jamil Ozgol, and Sirani Ulman, were convicted of imprisonment by members of the party and they went to Mersin City Prison.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association