Arrest of the common boss of the D.B.P from the Turkish Police

Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report reported: Turkish police attacked a house in Adana that Mohammad Aslan Common Boss D.B.P was guest , he was arrested and transferred to the police station.

It is said that the prosecutor of the city of Sert in northern Kurdistan issued the order without notice. There is no news from the details of the case and the reason for the prosecutor’s complaint, Sert, from the head of the Party of the Democratic Regions.

Another common boss , D.B.P Sabahat Tunjel, was arrested and imprisoned last year. After the Erdogan drama coup in 2016, as well as holding a referendum on constitutional changes and increasing the presidential orders in Turkey, the army and police have systematically and vigorously arrested and imprisoned and suppressed the opposition.

Over the past year, hundreds of political party leaders, human rights activists, and especially journalists have been arrested and imprisoned by Turkish security agencies. The World Organization for Human Rights and related institutions, and in particular the security of the International, have accused the government of Erdoğan of violating human rights, calling for an end to the police system in Turkey.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association