A Kurdish innocent civilian was killed in the Sheno District in eastern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Friday 11 2017, another “innocent civilian” named “Ezeddin Khaledi” in “Sheno”, the border between east Kurdistan and southern Kurdistan, was targeted by the direct shooting of the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and lost his life.

It was reported that the Kolbar News site had confirmed that it was similar to other events without prior warning.

Another innocent civilian, Loghman Hakimi, from the city of Marivan, who went to the surrounding mountains, was reportedly severely injured from the head and face and hand resulting in the cut of several fingers, and is still in the hospital.

It should be noted that these unfortunate issues in Kurdistan have become commonplace and are not considered to be a serious threat from the point of view of the community, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has in a way harassed the Kurdistan community that such phenomena (murder carrier and business people) it has become normal and daily.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association