Another young suicide in city of Kamyaran

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Sunday 9 July 2017, a young named Mujtaba Ahmadi, son of Morteza Ahmadi, attempted suicide through his hanging in his home and died.He during his military service, a time when he was on vacation  he was committing suicide.

It should be noted that according to the official statistics of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , since the middle of this year (2017), in the cities of eastern Kurdistan, 18 men and 14 women have suicide. The suicide rate in the city of Kamyaran is in the first category in the cities of east Kurdistan.

The economic disadvantages (poverty and unemployment), and social are the main factors that put the citizens of east Kurdistan, especially the youth, in the face of psycological mental and emotional dilemma and thus they to commit suicide.

Certainly, these types of approaches are the consequences and consequences of the unwise policies authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran In the political geography of east Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association