Burning the Cultural and Artistic Center Vazhin

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Friday 11 August 2017 , in Marivan City, the central building Vazhin was burnt down.

Vazhin is a cultural and artistic center located in the park of Marivan City, and is organized by a group of civil activists in the city to promote and improve the culture and tradition of Kurdish culture as well as the formation and promotion of artistic groups as well as the analysis and improvement of the effects of art on the individual. And the Kurdistan community.

The Cultural Center of Vazhin has a significant role in educating the new generation and it pays great attention to children’s literature. An informed source said that good activities had caused some people to be afraid of their activities. According to the same source, the fire was carried out by unknown people, but the people of Mariwan consider the security forces of this city as a source of fire. He also said that fire was controlled by the people of the city, but the damage was greatly damaged to the facilities and building of the center.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association