The Turkish government arrestted dozens of people in northern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, Turkish police forces detained dozens of citizens in the cities of Mersin, Chulik, Adneh in northern Kurdistan and also the city of Antalya.

The operation of the Turkish government continues against North Kurdistan, and yesterday and today Turkish police forces attacked the citizens’ homes in these four cities and sent dozens of activists to jail.

In the city of Adneh, 20 young people were arrested, which is still unknown due to the arrests.

In the city of Mersin, there were also dozens of citizens arrested yesterday, including the secretary general and party officials (HDP) in the city, where Hatiyeh Shahin and Mirza Soylemz are among the detainees from the city’s authorities (HDP), who are at the Mersin Security Authority Have been transmitted.

It should be noted that 24 people were operating in the city of Antalya yesterday, as well as in Chulik, against members (DBP), and several were arrested.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association