The summoning 40 workers of sugarcane Haft Tapeh to the Court of the City of Shush

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, in the past few days, the judiciary of the city of Shush, the 40 workers sugar cane and cultivaation, has called the company Haft Tapeh industry with a summons to the court.

According to a report and a copy of the summons, the fortieth workers Basitou should be present at the court on Sunday 8 August 2017, and charged with provoking workers to protest. And these names are provided by the company’s managing director and with the help of the security guard and sent to the justice department.

It should be noted that on Thursday 27 July 2017, the workers of the company called for the release of their colleagues during the several days of strike and sit-in, but they have not paid attention to the demands of the workers so far and continue to be subjected to pressure and prosecution for submission.



Kurdistan Human Rights Association