Execution of two Kurdish prisoners in Urmia Prison

On Saturday, August 7 2017, two Kurdish prisoners accused of drug offenses committed yesterday for the execution from sections 14 and 15 of Urmia Central Prison in eastern Kurdistan they were transferred to solitary cells ,were executed.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association quoted by khrn: the identity of two executed prisoners, Saeed Pour Hormozi from Naghdeh and Hossein Shahini from Kousi village are from Urmia functions.

The two detainees have been in jail since 2014 for allegedly drug.

According to a source near Saeed Poohramzai, the prosecutor general had long agreed to pardon his pardon, but the Amnesty Committee rejected the request.

Earlier on Wednesday 26 July 2017, two drug-related prisoners, Farhad Musazadeh ( a while ago Kmmk had introduced Farhad Muszadeh as a political prisoner in his report) and Dawood Malldar and a prisoner charged with murder Fatah Amini was executed in Urmia Central Prison.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association