Hunger strike “Changiz Ghadam Khairi” Kurdish political prisoner in Masjed Soleyman

Following the news received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, quoting the Harana news agency, the Kurdish political prisoner, Changiz Ghadam Khairi,exiled prisoner in Masjed Soleyman Prison In a protest against the Ministry of Intelligence in sending her medical treatment and inadequate conditions in prison, she has been on hunger strike since Monday 24 July 2017.

This incident occurs despite the permission of doctors in jail based on the need for surgery and the current deterioration, with the intervention of the Ministry of Information, has been deprived of medical treatment.

Changiz Ghadam Kheiri was born in 1988, to 40 years imprisonment by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Sanandaj Branch in Sanandaj under a charge of six-month membership in the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal Chaired by judge Babaei was senteced of Sanandaj in 2011. He to central prison on Sanandaj transferred After two years, the imprisonment was exiled to Masjed Soleyman Prison.

Mr Ghadam Khiri, in spite of the inappropriate physical condition, which, despite the passage of five years since the time of his imprisonment, has not yet been removed mortar shell from his body, is located in the prison of a prison, a place in the buillding basement. Among drug addicts and under inappropriate health conditions, among 200 other prisoners are held.

The report said: He, an exiled Kurdish political prisoner, while not using any tobacco, is holding an eight staires underground basement at the site of drug addicts who, according to prisoners, is “black hole.” And preventing the transfer of this prison to the Pak section with the involvement of security agencies. The adoption of anti-human rights policies and practices and violations of its objectives against the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the political geography of Kurdistan from eastern Kordestan, are not hidden by anyone who is constantly and continuously witnessing injustice and discrimination.

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