Continuation of arrests in northern Kurdistan by the Turkish government

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, today, 25 July, 2017, the Turkish police forces attacked the home of “Mousa Farisoghluolari in city of Amid in Northern Kurdistan he was arrested.

The report quoted him as the joint head of the Democratic People’s Congress (kcd) and after being arrested, she was transferred to the Amid City Security Center.

In another report, today the Turkish government police arrested and attacked the homes of three Democratic Party (DBP) members in the city of Persus, from the governorate of Rhaa and transferred to the security center.

It should be noted that by prolonging the declaration of a state of emergency in northern Kurdistan, the Turkish government, with its suppressive policies and human rights violations, is pushing for more torture and detention of civilians and civilians Following the coup d’etat of July 15 last year, tens of thousands of people were arrested and imprisoned, most of whom were Kurdish.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association