The destruction of the Afrin villages by Turkish shelling

According to the report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, shelling of the villages of Afrin by the Turkish Army has continued and destroyed a large number of them.

The Roj news News Center reports that the Turkish army and the Syrian terrorists have shot down the villages of Marnaz and Malikiya in the Kanton of Afrin province in the west of Kurdistan, as a result of which the two villages were completely destroyed.

The villages of Marnaz and Malikiya located 30 km east of Afrin and 5 km southwest of Azaz, the number of residents of Marnaz in 2004 was 959 and Malikiya residents were estimated to be 200.

The war veterans of the People’s Advocates ( YPG ), and the Women’s Advocates (YPJ), which are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of West Kurdistan (Roj Ava), according to the demand and demand of the residents and residents of the villages in late 2015, two The village was released from the criminals of ISIL.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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