Secretary General of the United Nations; Execution rates in Iran have risen sharply


In her annual report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Nida al-Nashif, deputy director of the UN Commission on Human Rights, expressed concern about the rising number of executions, including drug-related executions.

According to the report, the number of executions in Iran during the first quarter of this year was 310, out of a total of 206 executed during the past year, while most executions took place in an unfair trial.

According to Antonio Guterres’s report to the council, in the case of Haidar Ghorbani, who was linked to the killing of three people linked to the Basij, he was acquitted from the outset and “his execution took place while his case was being heard in an appeals court.”

The report also mentions Baktash Abtin, who reportedly contracted corona virus in prison and lost his life.

The United Nations also notes that the high death toll in prisons in the Islamic Republic of Iran during detention and imprisonment as a result of ill-treatment by authorities and lack of timely access to medical care is a serious concern.